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Xbox One S Console Announced

If the leaks haven't already given it away, Microsoft have official announced a brand new Xbox One model, no it isn't the fabled more powerful system, it is the well needed slim model and redesigned controller. 

Starting in at $299, the brand new console will be 40% slimmer than the original, feature an internal PSU, a 2TB hard drive and built in IR blaster. Although not mentioned is that it has been pointed out among the specs, that the new model doesn't feature a dedicated Kinect port, so an adapter will be required - fortunately Microsoft have said that they'll have a free program offering adapters to those who upgrade. 

Another big thing to note: It's been the discovered that the $299 bundle is the 500GB model and does not include a controller - so keep this mind.

xbox one ss2

Alongside the console comes a slightly redesigned controller as well. Featuring Bluetooth and an increased in range and a new textured grip, it looks like Microsoft is further improving the quality of their standard controller. 

The new Slim model will arriving in August, so if you're looking for an upgrade or wanting to jump in to Microsoft's console world check it out.


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