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Upcoming This Week: God Of War Release

Upcoming This Week: God Of War Release

Every Monday we bring you Upcoming This Week, a series that lets you know about what events or game releases are coming this week so you can always be in the know.

Everyone's favourite ball of muscle and anger, Kratos, is back and players will be able to get hands on at the end of this week. A little older and greying in the beard, the spartan has not lost his edge. Santa Monica Studio have made a lot of changes to the latest instalment of God of War and the fans are welcoming it.

Gone are the iconic dual blades and gone are the Greek Gods, instead players will get to battle creatures and Gods from the Norse Mythology. An all new combat system, tools and weapons promise to engage players in a completely new way. Kratos will be joined by his son Atreus and together they will venture on a personal quest through new and unfamiliar lands.


 God Of War is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and will be coming out on 20th April.

Upcoming This Week
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