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Upcoming This Week: Super Chariot, Little Nightmares & Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition for the Switch

Upcoming This Week: Super Chariot, Little Nightmares & Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition for the Switch

Every Monday we bring you Upcoming This Week, a series that keeps you in the know of events or game releases that are on their way this week.

Hold onto your pants Nintendo Switch users because there are three releases for the handheld console coming this week.

Exclusive to the Switch is Super Chariot, a 2D platformer that can be played either solo or in co-op mode. Players must manoeuvre the coffin of the late King through a dangerous subterranean environment. Be gentle with the Kings remains as his ghost is prone to complaining and insulting the player for any bump in the road. There are 25 levels to play through, each with hidden paths and treasure to discover.

The spooky puzzler Little Nightmares Complete Edition is being ported to the Switch. Players take on the role of Six and The Kid to discover the secrets of The Maw and escape its horrific inhabitants. For those that pre-order the title they will receive in game bonuses such as the Upside-Down Teapot and the Scarecrow Mask. Owners of the Pac-Man amiibo will be able unlock the Pakku Mask. Check out the Switch trailer here and read the PC review here.

Originally released for the WiiU and then receiving a 3DS port, Hyrule Warriors is now coming to the Switch with a Definitive Edition. This version of the game will release with all the features of the previous and an additional five new characters. Play as iconic heroes and villains from the Legend Of Zelda series. Defeat armies with character specific special attacks and combos in order to take keeps and own the battlefield. You can check out the character highlight trailer here and read the WiiU review here.

Super Chariot, Little Nightmares and Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition will be available on 18th May.

Upcoming This Week
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