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Upcoming This Week: Nintendo Labo

Upcoming This Week: Nintendo Labo

Every Monday we bring you Upcoming This Week, a series that keeps you in the know of events or game releases that are on their way this week.

Make, Play, Discover. This is the mantra that Nintendo have adopted for their latest product, Nintendo Labo. Designed around the Nintendo Switch, the flat packed cardboard addons transform the Switch into all kinds of toys and instruments.

Users can follow the onscreen instructions on their Switch to easily build and learn how their chosen Labo device works. Toy-Con’s each come with their own kit including game software. Some of the creations that can be made are a piano, a fishing rod and even a backpack that controls a giant robot.

The biggest draw to Labo is the freedom it offers its users to invent their own device. The simple input and output nodes allow for basic programming. Users can set up a the joy-con to vibrate on button presses or to make sounds when the joy-con is shaken. While the product is clearly directed at a young audience we are certain there will be plenty of adults getting involved and creating incredible devices. Who knew that cardboard could be so much fun.

Check out the reveal trailer here  to see more.

Nintendo Labo will be available for all of Europe on 27th April. It is already available in North America, Australia, and Japan.

Upcoming This Week
Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

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