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Cuboid. A game that can potentially have you ripping your own hair out at the roots. Yet you'll keep coming back to it, for it's one of those games that can become extremely…

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Mount and Blade Review

Epic battles, stunning vistas and in-depth character customisation.  This is what I had been told to expect from a friend who had previously played this, but I must say, when I…

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Bus Simulator 2008 Review

Simulators have come a long way since those arcade classics where you sat within a huge chair to play on a screen the size of a mobile phone (the most popular being the Flight…

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Men of War Review

It is often said that history is written by the winners of wars; similarly, a blockbuster game can cause others to become lost and forgotten within its shadow, effectively…

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Infinite Undiscovery Review

Infinite Undiscovery Review

Infinite Undiscovery is a standalone RPG for the Xbox 360, in which you play as Capell, a travelling musician who is mistaken for a hero of the people and locked up by the enemy…

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Hotel Giant 2 Review

Hotel Giant 2 Review

When we received this game in the post, I took one glance at it and said "I'm going to review this game now," and before anyone said anything else there I was unwrapping the…

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LittleBigPlanet Review

Play. Create. Share. That's what game narrator Stephen Fry tells you when you first boot up this game. You have full control from the first moment the game loads, as you control…

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Final Fantasy X Review

After having 9 very successful predecessors, Final Fantasy X had to be something truly special. It had been 4 years since the release of Final Fantasy IX and fans such as me were…

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