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How To Get the Rod of Asclepius in Expeditions: Rome

How To Get the Rod of Asclepius in Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome has a lot of unique items that have incredibly strong passive abilities to make use of. One such item is the Rod of Asclepius, perfect for supports, especially when they don't have any form of healing, since the rod heals allies for 10% of their health whenever they kill someone.

The rod is actually very easy to acquire, and it can be done immediately after leaving Lesbos for the first time. Heading a little behind the Temple of Apollon, going past the lumber mill, players will be able to find the mountain-top ruins. There, they will find a bunch of scavengers looking for a special item. 

Enabling highlight mode using V will show easily where there are chests hidden. Just behind the wall directly to the right of the horses, there will be a chest. Clicking on it will make the characters automatically make their way to it, and will reward them with the Rod of Asclepius, one of the best weapons for Supports early on.

rod of asclepius

Are you as excited to whack people across the head with the Roman god of medicine’s rod in order to heal your allies with a passive that practically turns your Triarchus into a necromancer? I know I was! Make sure to tell me all about it in the comments below!

Expeditions: Rome
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