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Important Perks For Praetorians That Everyone Should Have One Of in Expeditions: Rome

Important Perks For Praetorians That Everyone Should Have One Of in Expeditions: Rome

There are a lot of perks in Expeditions: Rome, and these affect things outside of the game's combat modes. Although all of these are useful in their own way, there are some that players should have on praetorians that they won't be taking on their parties for combat. So here are all of the most important perks that praetorians should have to best benefit the Legion.


Expeditions Rome Architect

The Architect perk allows praetorians to be able to work 20% faster whilst researching for stratagems whenever they get assigned to the Workshop. Architects will make the farming of new stratagems, along with the one-time-use ones, far quicker and thus assure that the player can get the most useful ones as quickly as possible.


Expeditions Rome Crafty

Crafty praetorians are able to craft everything in the forge 20% faster than others. This perk is less useful than Architect due to it not being active all of the time, however it's still handy to be able to have a Crafty praetorian at the ready to minimise the time spent crafting items, especially whenever they are actually necessary.


Expeditions Rome Recruiter

Whenever you need to recruit brand-new praetorians, it's always best to have them be at a higher level so that they may be taken into combat whenever necessary such as for pacification quests. For that reason, having a Recruiter is important, since they'll dramatically increase the chance that the new praetorians will match the level of the Legatus.


Expeditions Rome Reckless2

Reckless praetorians aren't useful unless they are selected as a centurion, given that their perk is only active whenever they are selected to command the legion in battle. However, whenever selected, this will increase the legion's aggression by a whopping 20% whilst also reducing their defense by 10%. This is useful for battles in which the player can confidently attack more aggressively, and as such having at least one Reckless centurion will ensure that it is a possibility.


Expeditions Rome Cautious2

The other side of the coin, Cautious praetorians can make for great centuriones too, for they are the opposite of the Reckless variant, increasing the legion's defense by 20% whilst dropping their aggression by 10%. Similarly to the Reckless trait, we recommend having at least one Cautious centurion at the ready for battles in which the player has to take more of a defensive stance.


Expeditions Rome Scavenger 3

Scavenger praetorians are very important to just about any party that makes use of a lot of tactical items, for they are the ones that are best at replenishing them whenever assigned to the Legatus tent. Praetorians with the Scavenger perk reduce the time it takes to replenish these items by 20%.


Expeditions Rome Freeloader3

Ideally, players should seek a praetorian that has both the Scavenger and Free Loader perks, for the Free Loader perk increases how many of the tactical items are replenished by one, effectively doubling how many items are acquired per completion to two items every 41 hours in comparison to one every 52 hours. That being said, when forced to choose, Free Loader is a better choice.


Expeditions Rome Social2

Easily one of the most important, if not the most important perk in the game, Social praetorians can be assigned to the bath. Whilst assigned, every 32 in-game hours they will rise the legion's Morale by four points. Although this doesn't sound like a whole lot, Morale can be a very strong thing to have high given it increases the strength of the legion by 10 points for each point of morale. Additionally, this opens up for being able to use some of the stratagems that include losing Morale more freely, given that with time the praetorian will return them, making these aggressive plays less risky.

And that's it for the best perks to have on praetorians! These are the ones that will benefit the legion the most due to their capability to increment things such as doubling the speed of gathering items or single-handedly increasing the Morale of the legion into positive numbers and higher. Got any further suggestions? Leave it down in the comments below!

Expeditions: Rome
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