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How to Craft and Upgrade Items in Expeditions: Rome

How to Craft and Upgrade Items in Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome has a crafting system which will work for farming the particular set of skills that you want. However, doing so requires knowing how to do it, and how to acquire the items to do so, and that's what we'll be teaching you today.

Once the player has officially been promoted to Legatus, they will be able to go into their own camp. By entering and hitting the O key, or interacting with Egnatius Naso, they will be able to open the Outpost Management menu, allowing them to see all of the upgrades that can be done to the outpost. You will need resources to be able to craft each of the upgrades. The armoury upgrade requires a tanning station and an iron mine. Acquiring these requires around 30 slaves.

As soon as you've done that, come back. Build the armoury, then you will be able to appoint a praetorian to be an armourer, and the crafting menu will be unlocked.

Expeditions Rome Screenshot 2

Getting the blueprints for each weapon, along with getting all of the required materials to craft, will task players with trying to find chests in every area to loot. These will often contain several crafting materials, and some of the blueprints needed to be able to craft the desired items. So make sure to enable highlight mode by pressing V and looking for any highlighted chests that you can snatch.

To claim your equipment, you must find the armourer in the garrison. Beside him, there will be a chest that contains whichever item or however many items you crafted. Again, the easiest way to find him is enabling highlight mode and finding a chest in the garrison!

Expeditions Rome Screenshot2

As for upgrading, this will require Forge 2 to be unlocked, which is along the bottom of the perks. Once unlocked, players will be able to instantly upgrade their favourite piece of equipment at the cost of some materials, which will not only increase the damage of the piece but also add one extra skill even to those that already have three. This way, you can take your favourite pieces of equipment until the very end. Looking at you, Eurytus’ Bow. I love you. 

Expeditions: Rome
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