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6 More Tips & Tricks for Expeditions: Rome

6 More Tips & Tricks for Expeditions: Rome

Welcome back to tips & tricks, featuring Expeditions: Rome! This time, we’ll be going in-depth with the remaining six tips & tricks for this massive game! Beginning with:

1 - When moving a Sagittarius, check for arrows above enemy heads.


Whenever you are moving a Sagittarius class, it might be difficult to know from which angle they are capable of shooting at enemies. What you might not know, however, is that if a small arrow icon appears over an enemy’s head whenever you are selecting which grid to move to, it means that that particular Sagittarius will be able to shoot that target once they move onto position. 

2 - Hit V to enable highlight mode


This is another thing that the game neglected to tell me and I found out near the end of my Asia Minor conquest, but you can hit V to get a highlight mode that will highlight everything. This will work in the overworld, battles, and exploring towns. This way, players can get every chest in every area, know which tiles are interactable and which ones are owned by enemy forces. 

It also lights up the map with pretty highlight colours, so that's a plus. If you like the way the map looks, you can keep it disabled and enable it every once in a while to check what you can interact with. 

Bonus: Almost every area has extra chests, with tons of rewards such as good weapons to get early. Make sure to always check with the highlight mode available to see what you might miss, and this will also remind you to loot any corpse that you haven’t. It’s very important not to forget.

3 - Read ahead in the skill tree to see which abilities you want


I tend to not like reading ahead in skill trees. The idea that I will get surprised with one of the later skills is always very exciting for me, and additionally, it's difficult not to get excited about very late-game skills and not know which one to go for first. This was probably one of the biggest mistakes I made in the game.

I expected some of the strongest abilities to be at the bottom of each tree, so I decided to blindly progress through it until I could get the last skill. However, once I reached it, I found out it wasn't all that overpowered and special... This was on my main character.

So read ahead. If you like skills from two or more of the subclasses, perfect! Work towards them and get your sweet skills to be able to fight harder throughout the war. Victory at any cost, Legate.

4 - Build the baths ASAP


I didn't super understand the importance of morale in the game, so throughout part of my campaign, it was on negative numbers. It wasn't until I was in dire need of slaves and my army swiped them from me after winning a war that I understood, I need them to like me.

After building the baths, use a Social praetorian and make sure that they rest there forever. This will raise the army's morale by 4 every 32 hours. Although that sounds like little, I went from -30 morale to over 100 throughout my campaign. And, knowing that I could trust the morale would go higher in just a day and a half, I could do riskier plays that cost me morale whenever fighting legion battles.

5 - Don't make your character a Princeps (MINOR SPOILERS)

choose your class

So, it's fine if you already started your game and made your character a Princeps, it's never bad to have too many of them. However, given that your main cast of friends has one of each class, I thought I could go for an extra tank to be able to further push the front lines. Just that later on the game gave me a third Princeps character, which left half of my team as the main tank class.

It's not the worst, my main custom character is a vanguard Princeps with a shield that can do some pretty heavy damage, and I focus more on dishing it out with her than other Princeps, but it might be more worth having another class than three Princeps. That being said, stay tuned and check out my article series giving an overview to all of the classes, including the subclasses, the potential combos, and their use.

6 - Prepare a lot for the final battle


At the end of each campaign, a badass battle in the end will occur where you'll need to send several squads to complete different tasks. This is one of the reasons you want your praetorians to be as useful as possible filled with custom abilities, because you can't fill every squad with all of your main characters and each one has to perform good.

So, make sure that you have your teams all readied up, several strong groups and members, with a good enough balance to make a worthwhile subteam so that the final battle doesn't lock you out like it almost did me (took me two hours to finish it.)

That's it for our tips and tricks article! Is there anything I missed? Any further tips that maybe I'm not privy to? Let me know in the comments below! The more we help each other, the better.

Expeditions: Rome
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