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How Do Skills Work in Expeditions: Rome?

How Do Skills Work in Expeditions: Rome?

Expeditions: Rome is a wonderful strategy game that will have you controlling several characters per battle, each with their own set of skills and attacks meant to facilitate your journey throughout the game's combat. That being said, how do these skills work and how can we get them?

To start off, it's important to note that each character has a total of 12 abilities; they can have six weapon skills and six skill tree skills.

The weapon skills are dictated by which weapons you have selected on the character. The different types of weapons are the spear, shield, dagger, sword, bow, and staff. Each of the weapons has its unique abilities that can only be acquired through that particular type.

Each of the two sets of weapons a character can equip can have a total of three abilities. Since some weapons can have up to three different abilities, all the while including dual-wielding, some sets will have more than three abilities. It is here that the "skill selection" menu comes into play for the weapons.

The skill selection allows the player to select which of the three skills they are getting from weapons they'll have slotted at any given time; these cannot be changed mid-battle.

Expeditions Rome Skill Selection Menu

The skill selection menu can be useful to have a choice among which of the abilities to use whenever dual-wielding weapons, especially with the ones that have a limited amount of uses.

Class abilities work differently. As the characters level up, they earn points that can be slotted in a skill tree. Each class has a total of 12 different abilities, with each of the three different subclasses having four abilities, one per tier accompanied by one passive.

Class skills don't require any specific weapon to use, nor do they have multiple sets. All of them make part of the same skill bar, and they can be slotted on different buttons by dragging them to the desired locations.

Expeditions Rome Class Skills

 That's all I can teach you about weapons and class skills. Expeditions: Rome is a complicated game, so make sure to check out our other articles on what else you can learn!

Expeditions: Rome
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

Writes in her sleep, can you tell?


David - 01:50pm, 23rd January 2022


I had an situation with an archer. After shooting several time (using skill) I was unable to complete any action because i had to "recharge" the skill.

Even leaving the archer without performing any action for several turns, I was not able to recharge skills and therefore simply shoot an arrow

Artura Dawn
Artura Dawn - 04:03pm, 31st January 2022 Author

Hi David!

I'm so sorry for my delayed response, I hadn't actually noticed your comment!

This sounds like a bug, because this isn't the intended reaction from the game. Consider checking to see if you were using an ability that also has a limited amount of uses. These are signified with an orange square! That is skill charge! Check how many each skill has. Check out this image that highlights what I'm talking about!

Additionally, for faster response time, join the official GameGrin Discord and ask what you want on the Hub! Feel free to ping me there and I'll help you with anything you need.