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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Diaries Part Six

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Diaries Part Six

This is my ongoing exploration of the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell games, played in release order. I will chronicle my playthrough of each title in turn and discuss any recurring themes and noteworthy events.


Having tapped Sadono’s computer, the trace put on calls delaying his ‘Pandora tomorrow’ attacks were lost at a submarine base in Komodo, Indonesia...

Late evening on the outskirts of a camp, the laser sight from a sniper scanned the field I was hidden in. There was a guard wandering around, but the tall grass hid everything but the noise. I skirted the border of the field, sneaking along to the wall of the camp and past an automated turret.

20170428210349 1

Due to perspective, the field isn't actually as big as it looks

The path ahead was mined by a single tripwire -- this one hidden much better than the ones from Sadono’s stronghold. I avoided another sniper and two guards by shooting out a light and sneaking past, to split-jump up a building and through a window. Luckily everything seemed to be constructed from bamboo, so no glass in the windows.

I encountered a couple more guards sat having a rest. I snuck around in the shadows to a small body of water, and went through it, being startled when a dog began barking very loudly above me. One of the guards came to investigate, but it was too dark for him to see me. He eventually told the dog to shut up before going back to eat. I left the water and split-jumped up a wall to climb into a building.

20170429205734 1

Hush, puppy!

This building housed a guard watching TV, and a door that led out to a firing range with another guard and an auto turret. I spotted a gap in the wall which led behind the firing range, so I went that went. The guard could have spotted me, before he ran out of targets and went to sit down at a nearby table. After deactivating a switch (again, not killing the lights as I’d hoped), a quick snatch and grab had me past the auto turret and into the next building. There was a ladder which led down to an elevator.

I rode the elevator and carefully entered the hallway where I turned off the lights with a lightswitch. A guard came to investigate, so I shot him. Unfortunately, there was another guard who spotted his mate drop, and called an alarm. Another headshot later, I entered the room they were guarding and (once more) turned off the lights. A technician came to turn them back on, so I grabbed him. Colonel Lambert had warned me not to try raising the submarine on my own, and to use the technician: this was obviously the guy.

Dragging him over to the computer, I made him raise the sub. When someone called in to ask why they had been brought up ahead of schedule, the technician was encouraged to answer that everything was kosher. Once done, I dropped him in some shadows and went to get aboard the sub.

20170429210455 1

"Hey, that's kinda fun*POW*ny..."

There was a sole guard on the gantry, so I grabbed him and knocked him out, then had to take a lift along to another gantry, which unfortunately drew the attention of several guards. I returned fire with my SC 20k’s scope, taking minimal damage before heading down to the submarine itself. A sole guard had come up for air, so I shot him in the shadows.

Hardly inviting, I climbed down the hatch into the sub, and made my way methodically through it. I shot several guards with sticky shockers, eventually reaching my objective -- a colonel who could unlock the retinal scanner into the command centre. I made him open it, then knocked him out in the shadows to one side before entering. One of the men inside left to get a drink, so I grabbed and knocked out the other guy before accessing the computer. Anna Grímstóttir back at Third Echelon managed to trace where the submarine was routing the phone calls, and I was told to exfiltrate.

20170429211537 1

I'm goin' deeper under...water...?

Thankfully I wasn’t to leave the way I had come -- continuing through the sub a short way, I climbed a couple of ladders to reach fresh air once more. Across the gangway was a guard who was apparently alerted to me, so I dropped him with my last sticky shocker before collecting the ammunition and grenades next to a medkit.

Downstairs, a group of hostiles opened fire on me, pinning me down in a doorway. I had five smoke grenades, so I launched three of them all in their general direction quickly. In moments they were down, and I rushed past. There was a ladder leading to an inflatable motorized raft, which ended the mission.

Grímstóttir had traced the signal to five satellite phones linked to a private military corp called Armed Guardian Services. With those located, allies stateside managed to dispose of the biological agents, and I could finally go after Sadono, pinned down in Jakarta...

Splinter Cell Diaries
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