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Valheim: What Happens When Two Bosses Run Into Each Other?

Valheim: What Happens When Two Bosses Run Into Each Other?

So, what happens when two bosses run into one another in Valheim

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Well, the short answer is not much. Unfortunately, when two bosses butt heads, they won’t damage one another. As I watched The Elder become enveloped in Eikthyr’s lightning attack, I noticed his health bar didn’t move a muscle. Eikthyr, for his part, simply pranced between The Elder’s summoned roots.

The only odd occurrence was that their names and health bars overlaid in the HUD, creating a completely illegible amalgam of the two.

You might be wondering how it’s even possible to summon two bosses and get them within striking distance of one another?

You’ll need to use a seed that generates an island where the boss spawns are all within the same land mass. For the purposes of stacking boss fights, you can peruse through any of the Valheim speedrunning seeds as they will likely contain closely-knit spawn locations. Just remember that they will not damage each other, and beyond fighting all the bosses at once, the results are not very exciting.

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Brendan Dick

Brendan Dick

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