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Valheim: Moder Boss Guide

Valheim: Moder Boss Guide

Moder is the fourth boss in Valheim, and a welcome relief after the difficulty of Bonemass. Since Moder is a frost dragon, expect a fight that involves both ranged and melee combat. You’ll also need cold resistance to make the trek up the mountain for the fight.

Finding Moder

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Get a Wolf fur cape

You’ll want to use your newly earned Wishbone to mine Silver and make yourself a Wolf fur cape. This will provide you the resistance to frost that is necessary to navigate the mountains. While you could technically use Frost resistance mead, it’s not a viable solution as it only lasts ten minutes. Instead, use the mead to gather the materials necessary for a Wolf fur cape.

You’ll need six Wolf pelts, four Silver, and a Wolf trophy.

Gather Dragon eggs (3)

You can’t miss these. They are found in the Mountain biome and have a pinkish glow that contrasts against their environment. The issue is that Dragon eggs are extremely heavy (200 kg). You want to either use Megingjord to carry two at once, or build a chest near Moder’s summoning location so that you can stash the eggs nearby.

Find Moder’s location rune

Again, this will be in the Mountain biome. It will appear as the rest do, and is found in a stone tower. Once you interact with it, Moder’s location will be marked on your map.

Head there and summon Moder

Go to the location that has been marked. You should bring any Dragon eggs with you, so that you can leave them close to where the fight will take place. Also, if you can, bring materials to craft a Portal, so that you can easily travel back and forth between your home base as you prepare.

Tips for Beating Moder

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Bring your best food

Moder’s damage is relatively easy to anticipate unlike Bonemass’s poison. Still, you’ll want a massive amount of regeneration to save you from potential burst damage. We recommend bringing Serpent stew, Lox meat, and Sausage. You can also make due with Fish wraps (if you’ve been to the Plains) or Turnip stew in a pinch.

Get Rested

If you’ve been reading our guides, you’ll notice a pattern emerging. The benefit of having the Rested status effect is simply too easy to get to pass up. It’s also massively helpful in boss fights. Either build a suitable building near Moder’s altar or teleport back to your home base to get Rested.

Equip Bonemass’s Forsaken Power

The damage reduction from this power is extremely helpful. You’ll want to save it for when Moder lands, but don’t worry if you use it early. Have confidence in the boost it provides, and don’t be afraid to engage her in melee when she lands

Bring both ranged and melee weapons

For ranged, keep it simple and use either Poison or Fire arrows. With melee, bring your strongest weapon and get as much damage in as you can. When she’s flying, use ranged. When she lands, use melee.

Rewards from Moder

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Moder’s Forsaken Power is all about utility. It makes it so that the wind is always at your back while sailing. This is incredibly useful for gathering resources. In a group, you’ll always want one person to have this while travelling. As a solo player, however, it is unlikely you’ll want to replace Bonemass’s damage reduction.

She’ll also drop 10 Dragon tears. These build the Artisan table which leads to other crafting advances. You’ll unlock a Blast furnace, a Windmill, and a Spinning wheel which will bring you to the next level of armour and food.

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