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Valheim: The Elder Boss Guide

Valheim: The Elder Boss Guide

The Elder is the second boss in Valheim. It takes the form of an enormous humanoid tree. The Elder has a ranged attack and a stomp while players are in melee distance. It also has the ability to summon roots that attack players who get too close.

Finding The Elder

Gather Ancient Seeds (3)

Ancient seeds will drop off of Greydwarf Brutes or Shamans in the Black Forest region. An easy way to farm these is to find a Greydwarf Nest and wait for the creatures to spawn there. You will need three Ancient Seeds to summon The Elder.

Find The Elder’s location rune

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The Elder’s location rune will be found in the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest area. If players cannot find one on their starting island, they will have to sail to a new island and search through the dungeons there. As with Eikthyr, the location rune will appear as a stone with red markings.

Head there and summon The Elder

After reading the rune, The Elder’s location will now be marked on your map. Make sure to bring your ancient seeds and head to the spot. Put the seeds on your hotbar and use them on the altar to begin the battle.

Tips for Beating The Elder


Bring three strong food sources and rest up.

The food you used against Eikthyr is not going to cut it here. The Elder hits too hard. You are going to want to use food sources such as Sausage, Lox meat, and Cooked meat. This particular combination will grant you 195 health and serious regeneration.

Recommended equipment.

We suggest that you are fully geared in Bronze armor and weapons. While upgrades are nice, they are far from necessary if you play with caution. Again, bows are going to be a great option here considering The Elder’s limited ranged attacks.

Destroy the vines.

Left unchecked, the vines can become a serious problem. Destroy the nearby vines while being careful of getting hit. Then return your focus to The Elder.

Rewards from The Elder

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Defeating The Elder will reward you with the Elder Trophy. Take this back to the same spot as the Eikthyr Trophy. Once mounted, its Forsaken Power grants you faster wood chopping. This is a relatively lacklustre power that should not be prioritised over Eikthyr’s stamina boost (unless you’re focusing on building).

In addition to its trophy, The Elder also drops a Swamp Key which can be used to gain access to the Sunken Crypts in the Swamps. Here, players can mine Muddy scrap piles to gain Scrap Iron.

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