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A Blair Witch Project Video Game?!

First-Person Horror games are nothing new to most of us. The genre seemed to have run its course long ago with titles like Outlast dominating the scene. But that was a long time ago.

Fast forward to 2019 and at the Xbox E3 conference we were shown some scenes from a new game of the same genre. Nothing seemed amiss at first; typical jump scares galore with the most notable addition being your very own canine companion, (who we better be able to pet by the way). It wasn't until the inclusion of a handheld classic camera being incorporated as a mechanic that seems to let you see some supernatural horrors through it that we realised what this could mean.

Sure enough the name Blair Witch splashed across the screen and it was confirmed. A game based on the cult movie by the same name is a novel idea to say the least, so be sure to check out the trailer above!

E3 2019 - News
Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay

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