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Ori and the Will of the Wisps Release Date Trailer

With the runaway success of Ori and the Blind Forest in 2015, Moon Studios became one of the names to watch in the world of cutesy, ethereal platformers. Since then, a sequel has been hotly anticipated, and in 2017's E3 presentation, we were given the name of that sequel: Ori and the Will of the Wisps . We've seen and heard little snippets since then, but at this year's Expo, we finally got a date for release.

Coming to the PC and Xbox, the second game is set to be more of the same, with Ori running from worms, giant spider, and all manner of beasties. Our titular hero prevails though, before we get a reveal of the game's release date. There's not much longer to wait now, as it'll be available on the 11th of February 2019.

E3 2019 - News

Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

Staff Writer

Gary maintains his belief that the Amstrad CPC is the greatest system ever and patiently awaits the sequel to "Rockstar ate my Hamster"

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