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Halloween 2018 - Five Spooky Fan Theories to Chill Your Blood

Halloween 2018 - Five Spooky Fan Theories to Chill Your Blood

Sometimes, the story that explains a game just doesn’t tie up all the loose ends in a way that you want it to. When this happens, many gamers create their own elaborate theories to explain events in their favourite pieces of entertainment. Often these are just musings on how the story might continue, or what a character did off screen. That said, sometimes those theories are just downright unnerving. We’ve collected five of our favourite nightmarish fan theories in this Halloween special.

Mercy Me!

Did you ever notice that even though Mercy is one of the founders of Overwatch, she’s noticeably younger than the other members? With the ability to raise her allies from the dead, some have suggested that she may have used this on herself, and the reason she seems ageless is that she died a long time ago.

One of her emotes has her check her wrist for a pulse, then shake her head, suggesting that maybe she knows she won’t have one. There’s an interesting in-game conversation between her and Mei, wherein Mei asks her how come she doesn’t seem to have aged whilst Mei was cryogenically frozen. Mercy doesn’t answer, she just changes the subject. There’s also an interaction that sees her ask a Reaper what happened to them, and they just say “you tell me”, which might indicate that they are aware of Mercy’s expiry.


Physician, heal thyself?


Giygas Countered

The final boss of Earthbound is ridiculously tough. So tough in fact, that the game’s protagonist Ness decides that going back in time to when he was weaker is the only way to defeat him. Thing is, how much far back is never stated, and many fans think that it’s actually to a point before conception. Given the game’s maternal themes, that’s not entirely implausible as a theory, but during the battle, it gains a bit more credence.

The battle was based off of a particularly graphic scene of sexual violence from a Japanese horror movie that the creator walked in on as a child, and whilst that eroticism is implied during the fight, it’s one of the creature’s final forms that creeps people out the most and fuels the fire of conspiracy, as it does indeed look a bit like a foetus.


pay attention to the black sections if you don't see it.


Boys and Ghouls Come out to Play

Demons are ten-a-plenty in World of Warcraft, many of them are even playable characters since the last expansion. Possibly demonic children however are a whole different kettle of fish. And that’s just what Alliance players can come across if they visit Goldshire at the right time (if you come at the wrong time, you just get players duel spamming you).

Every morning at 7.00 AM, six children appear in the upstairs floor of the Goldshire pub. They usually stand silently in what appears to be a pentagram but sometimes they move, always keeping the same formation wherever they go. To make things creepier still, the background music changes to a much more disturbing sound around 7.40, and sometimes screams and howls can be heard. There are also reports from players hearing C’Thun speaking to them, saying things such as “you will die”. At 8.00 on the dot, the children simply disappear, leaving behind no trace.

The children aren’t related to any quests and they never lead to any kind of boss or loot, they just mill around being creepy. Players have long theorised that they are clearly satanists, citing their creepy behaviour and the presence of two tiny skulls on the ground outside the inn.


These kids are creepy as.


Luigi Board

Luigi has rarely had the limelight in the Mario Bros. universe. Starting life as a simple palette swap of his brother, he’s been understudy most of his career to his more famous sibling. This didn’t stop players theorising as to why the green clad secondary character wasn’t seen in Super Mario 64 though. Far from just being the unconsidered second brother, the suggestion arose that he had in fact passed away.

There are a few signs in the game which were noted as possible indicators of Luigi’s passing. First, there’s a sign in the courtyard under a star which reads as “L is Real 2401” if you view it from a certain angle, squint a bit, and use your imagination really hard. Initially players thought that this was because Luigi was somewhere in the game, but when this turned out to be not the case, they made that logical leap to deciding that he was actually dead.

It sounds far-fetched, but actually there’s some interesting coincidences that suggest the theory has some credence. For a start, there’s the fact that the aforementioned statue is surrounded by Boos, leading many to feel that it’s actually Luigi’s tomb. Then there’s the fact that Luigi once again didn’t appear in the GameCube title Super Mario Sunshine. As the GameCube didn’t have the limited power and storage space of the N64, it couldn’t be just a hardware constraint this time round.

Luigi did then get his own game on the GameCube, but this was Luigi’s Mansion, where the titular emerald hero was hunting ghosts. The ghosts are always smiling and happy, perhaps because Luigi is one of their own, even if he hasn’t yet fully accepted it? If that still leaves doubts, there’s also the fact that L doesn’t leave a shadow throughout the game, unless you go into the telephone room and wait for lightning, whereupon you will see a horrifying image that’s either a glitched shadow, or something much worse.


RIP Luigi.


Healing Gives You Red Wings

Bloodborne is pretty creepy to start with, so for a theory to make it a bit more unnerving, well that’s something special. In the game, you gain health through drinking vials of blood, which is pretty grim to start with, but have you ever stopped to wonder where that blood comes from? Reddit member LucatielKnight did, and came to a startling conclusion.

First thing to note is that the vials generally come from the nuns of the Healing Church, and never from any male characters. It’s only ever the younger characters who give you vials too, never the elder ladies. At one point in the game Arianna falls pregnant. When this happens, she no longer gives you any vials. You can see where this is going, can’t you? It seems quite likely that the blood you are consuming is menstrual.

The recurring theme of moon cycles, which have been historically associated with menstrual cycles due to them being coincidentally around the same length, also makes the theory seem credible. Added to that, there’s a boss called The Brain of Mensis and an area in the game called The Nightmare of Mensis (Mensis being the singular form of the latin word Menses, which is now used to medically describe the blood and tissue expelled from the uterus during a period.


I wonder why they used the word ministration instead of the more common healing or medicine?



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Sikopathic - 05:43pm, 31st October 2018

The Theory that the Companion Cubes in Portal actually contained dead bodies inside them was pretty disturbing

GarySheppard - 07:01pm, 4th November 2018 Author

I came across that one whilst researching this. It seems like something that would fit into the style of that world too.