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The 5 Most Gruesome Deaths in Gaming

The 5 Most Gruesome Deaths in Gaming

BioShock - Death by Golf Club


A lot of people remember BioShock because of one phrase - Would You Kindly? Whilst the unexpected twist of the first game was indeed excellent, it was far from being a one trick pony title. There’s a truckload of great moments to be found in Rapture, not least the scene where Andrew Ryan - the founder of the underwater city - makes you bash his head in with his own golf club.

Ryan wants to prove a point by showing you, the mute protagonist, that you’re under the effects of a brainwashing project that took place before the events of the game. We can’t help but think he could have proved such a revelation without making his own son beat him to death with a blunt object. Fore!


Mortal Kombat - Fatalities


This one’s a no-brainer. Mortal Kombat is a fighter built around over the top gore, so picking one standout moment above all would be a fools errand. From a four-armed she-beast ripping skin from bone like you would with a chicken wing, to turning into a Dragon and toasting Skorpion’s face off; Mortal Kombat has gore suited to almost everyone’s tastes.

In recent years, the beat-em-up’s creators apparently decided blood and er… Dragons weren’t enough, and implemented x-ray moves, allowing you to see the impact of every punch, kick and headbutt on the human (or inhuman) body.


Sniper Elite v2 - X-Ray Death Galore!

Sniper Elite V2 headshot screenshot 1 600x337

Another game that utilises the wonders of x-ray simulation, Sniper Elite v2 revels in letting its audience shatter bones and puncture organs. Sniper kills treat you to a slow-mo kill that follows a bullet into an unwitting soldier, providing a close-up of the point of entry, the mess it makes inside, and its subsequent exit - usually through the rear of the skull if you’re a crackshot.

If you treat yourself to Sniper Elite’s DLC, you can even put your marksman skills to the test against Hitler. Our advice would be to go for the groin.


Dead Space 2 - Eye Spy

Dead Space 2 G3AR

Isaac Clarke’s an unlucky fellow. Not only does he frequently find himself having to singlehandedly fend off an alien species that would eat Xenomorphs for breakfast, he also has to risk his life with some impromptu eye surgery.

Towards the end of Isaac’s second adventure, he discovers that he’s under the influence of the Marker, a monolithic structure that gives life to the Necromorphs. Of course, the only remedy to this is using a machine to pierce his iris and cleanse his mind. However, if you fail this gripping sequence, Isaac’s face is promptly made hollow by the machine in very detailed fashion. Make sure you use a licensed Optician folks.


Resident Evil 5 - Excella Gionne Becomes a Blob


Ok, so this one isn’t exactly gory, but it is a memorable scene, and an example of the David Lynch inspired body-horror. Resident Evil 5 sees the conclusion of the age-old battle between  the steroid-infused Chris Redfield and his nemesis - Albert Wesker. It seems Wesker was never a very level-headed guy, proving this by attempting to unleash his Uroboros contagion across the United States to infect its population with every virus under the sun.

To achieve this goal, Wesker’s operation is funded and researched by the Umbre… sorry, TriCell corporation - headed by Excella Gionne - in return for the potential goldmine of manufacturing a vaccine for a premium. But, such grand schemes never go to plan, and Wesker betrays Excella, injecting her with a giant dose of the Uroboros virus. What follows is a eye-wateringly grotesque mutation that sees a woman become a giant black blob with orange tentacles as a substitute for limbs.

Don’t worry though, Chris and his partner Sheva make quick work of the monstrosity with an orbital laser.


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