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BlizzCon Online 2021: Diablo IV Team Talk Open World And PVP

BlizzCon Online 2021: Diablo IV Team Talk Open World And PVP

As part of the Diablo IV: What’s Next stream that talked more in-depth about the new class coming to the game, the Rouge. Members of the development talk also took some time to talk about the world of Diablo IV along with the PVP side of things.

The world this time around is the largest seen in a Diablo game and to help players cross this new world, a companion horse is included. Not only is this horse a means to navigate the land but it can also be used as a springboard to leap off to attack unsuspecting enemies. Players will also be able to customization their horse with a variety of options, including some that will showcase some of your achievements.

As you ride throughout the world, you will encounter many different quests and challenges that help to define your experience. One new such event are the many camps you will find throughout the world which need to be clear of enemies to reclaim them back for your own sake. Each camp rescued from the demonic hordes will be one step closer to rebuilding Sanctuary and there will be plenty of rewards along the way to make the challenge worth it.

If, however, players are looking for even more challenge then the new PvP elements in Diablo IV will be of interest. Players will be able to enter arenas found in the open world that will cause your character to become full of hate. At this time, you will be able to battle against other players to earn even more rewards while proving your skills to the world. Of course, all the PvP elements are optional should players not want to engage in these battles.

Diablo IV is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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