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BlizzCon Online 2021: Overwatch 2 New Maps Announced

BlizzCon Online 2021: Overwatch 2 New Maps Announced

Face of the Overwatch series Jeff Kaplin allowed some of the team of the sequel (Overwatch 2) to reveal two new maps: Rome and New York City.

rome 1

With clean romantic old-world architecture from the ancient roman empire, laced with fluorescent futuristic lighting accenting arches and walkways, the Rome map shows off Italy’s capital under the pastel hues in the golden hour.

new york city 1

Across the Atlantic, the second map discussed was the big apple - New York City. Though it’s steeped in art deco gatsby-grandeur, even in a future utopia version of NYC, flying car traffic is still a thing! From iconic New York things like pizza parlours, firehouses, and train stations; there are so many little references ready for players to find (while grabbing a hot slice!).

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