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Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Four

Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Four

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Elite Force II where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Elite Force II…

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, Stardate 57039.2. After responding to a distress call from the USS Dallas, we had gone on to find the Attrexian space station where they had left most of their crew…

Elite Force 2 109

En.s Chell, Jurot, Chang, and myself were ferried across by Cm. Stockman via shuttle and deposited in separate locations. By the time I left the shuttle, Chang was already on his way to the rendezvous point, Chell had found a weapon, and Jurot had located some survivors.

No sooner had the shuttle left when I was swarmed by the same type of creatures that I had been killing on the Dallas hours ago. When they were dealt with, I made my way to the upper level by climbing on some boxes, and though some intermittent jets of flame blocked me, I managed to get through them. Only to be attacked by more creatures…

Elite Force 2 113

Going through a couple of doors, I heard a voice saying that “they’re everywhere” as two more creatures came towards me, so I shot them and rounded the corner to render aid. The door at the end of the tunnel was blocked, and main power needed to be restored to the mine cart system so that I could unblock it. So, I went through a side door and to a control room — but two more creatures came from out of nowhere, so I had to deal with them first.

After hacking the console in the control room, I activated the mine cart and it smashed through the doors at the end of the tunnel. Following it around to the left, I entered a passage and killed another creature before going up a ladder. Exiting the room and attached passageway, I helped fend off some creatures and save two of the Attrexians. One of them said that they had come from nowhere about three days previously. This put into question the Captain’s Log from the Dallas, which was dated eight months prior. Perhaps a wormhole, maybe even just a stressed captain and an incorrect chronometer, but it at least explained why the station wasn’t a pile of slag by now.

Elite Force 2 122

The Attrexians confirmed that the creatures seemed too mindless to be under any form of outside direction, though they also had no idea how the aliens even arrived there. No warp signatures, no transporter signals, just wave after wave of attackers. As such, their ammo reserves were super low. As luck would have it, there was an armoury close by, and one of the Attrexians by the name of Avak’Stas was willing to take me.

We were attacked before we had even left the corridor that we were in, which I took to be a bad sign. It was indeed, because a larger creature smashed through a window! I managed to struggle against the flow of all the air being sucked into space and activate an emergency bulkhead, then only a few more creatures stood between us and the armoury!

Elite Force 2 123

Once inside, Avak’Stas started opening the weapons locker, having to both remember the code and bypass the redundancies. The door opened and I hurried inside to grab a new weapon, called an Arc Gun, and he said that we should return to his buddy Veng’Pah, so we went back the way that we had come. Unfortunately, Avak’Stas was too injured and died during the relentless assault.

Veng’Pah didn’t seem too upset that his friend was dead, so I asked if he knew where there might be more Federation crew members. He confirmed that some had been transported over three days ago, but he didn’t know where exactly to. As I left and took an elevator up, I asked my team to report in. Chell had found a security station, Chang had come under “mild” resistance, and Jurot had set up a field hospital.

Elite Force 2 125

The elevator opened into a hallway in which an Attrexian was being chased. Despite me killing the large creature, the Attrexian died and I had to fight off some smaller ones. I was attacked several more times as I followed the mostly-intact corridor, but I had to make a detour through a side door when fire blocked my way. There were two Attrexians watching an escape pod through a window with some concern. They had trapped it, but not for long as the launch controls were upstairs, and the lift wasn’t working. Luckily, they managed to jury rig something, so I rode the lift up and slammed my hand on some controls, ejecting the pod moments before it could escape.

I went back down and the Attrexians unlocked a door to a room with ammo inside, so I grabbed that, then went out through a door on that level to find a bunch of creatures that required killing. If I hadn’t spotted them, the two Attrexians would have had a bad time. Since there was no way through, I went back up the lift and through a passageway, then up a ladder to another very samey corridor. Honestly, if I was tripping up the whole time, I’d have thought the place was designed by a Cardassian.

Elite Force 2 128

After shooting my way through creatures to reach the end of the hallway, I entered a large control room with several Attrexians inside. They were the command officials, who Picard had wanted us to find as well as the crew of the Dallas, so I reported in. That was when the creatures decided to storm the control room! I fought them off as best as I could and was luckily joined by my team after a couple of tense minutes. Though I’m not sure how much they did, since I couldn’t see them while I was fighting off the creatures, and when the job was done they were still on the unoccupied side of the stairs…

Now that they could answer some questions, I found out that they had few enemies, and none of them were these creatures; just smugglers, Cardassian pirates, and Idryll separatists. That last one turned out to be another race that lived in the system, who the Attrexians had given the written language and warp drive to. I wasn’t quite sure that I would give warp cores to a race that has only been writing for a few decades, but I wasn’t Attrexian.

Elite Force 2 135

Apparently, the separatists believed that the Idryll were an older race than the Attrexians, and boy was I glad that I wouldn’t have to straighten that out. Instead, my job would be to find the chief engineer to help me with hooking backup power to the defence grid, which would allow the infestation to be dealt with. Leaving the rest of the team behind, I hopped on a monorail platform to head into the main power core. Much to my surprise, a huge creature rammed into the platform, derailing me!

I woke after an indeterminate period of time to the face of a Starfleet officer, En. Gonzales. He helped me up as I told him about the condition of the Dallas, and he told me where the rest of the crew were, so I asked Enterprise to beam them over. Gonzales asked to stay with me, so we both took off through a passageway which, interestingly enough, took us directly to where the chief engineer was! Her name was Vor’chov, and she was trapped in a room without power. That meant I had to climb up to a broken gantry and leap across to a control room, then hack a console before making my way back down.

Elite Force 2 137

Vor’chov said that she could reroute power, but someone needed to stay in the control room, so Gonzales volunteered. Vor’chov and I used the two lifts to find the power core filled with creatures as soon as she began typing away, so I started blasting. It was tense, but power was restored and the station’s weapons began shooting the creatures out of space, and I beamed back to Enterprise having eliminated 266 enemies with 45% accuracy.

Picard ordered me to Sickbay, where Doctor Stevenson had examined an intact creature and found a device fused into the cranium, but couldn’t confirm if it was being used to coordinate or control them. The captain told me to research the Attrexian’s enemies, and in turn, I asked that En.s Murphy and Gonzales be assigned to the Hazard Team, which he agreed to. Now, I just had to head to Deck 11…

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