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Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Two

Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Two

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Elite Force II where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Elite Force II…

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, supplemental. Having finally returned to Earth and received an extensive debriefing, I was joined by En.s Chell, Murphy, and Chang in the office of a man named Stemmons, an administrator at Starfleet Academy. He handed out new assignments which split us up, and when we argued he explained that the Alpha and Beta Quadrants didn’t require Hazard Teams. Murphy was reassigned to the USS Dallas, Chell was sent to a research outpost in the Guernica system, Chang was sent to… Actually, I didn’t find out, because when we were told that I’d be teaching small group tactics to cadets on Earth, Murphy exploded at Stemmons in her frustration at this whole thing.

Elite Force 2 39

When it seemed like Chang was feeding off of Murphy’s energy and about to tackle Stemmons across the desk, I pulled him back and we left the office. Murphy left to file an appeal with Starfleet Command while the other two kvetched in the hallway. I was summoned to the main entrance to meet with a visitor, so I hopped into the turbolift and went down, where I met Lt. Tuvok. He had stopped by on his way to Vulcan seemingly just to see me for 45 seconds to give me a pep talk about how good a job I would do as a teacher.

Tuvok left and I was summoned to the headmaster’s office. On my way, I became distracted when I overheard two cadets complaining about having to learn about Zefram Cochrane, and wanting to study “someone from this century, or this planet” while stood within sight of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Also, my tricorder told me the species of fish swimming in the water feature were Kohaku, Taisho-Sa, Goshik, Shiro-Utsuri, and two Chagoi.

Elite Force 2 41

Upon reaching headmaster Jacquelyn Fredrick’s office, she glanced up from her PADD to tell me that I was going to be instructing cadets in small unit tactics. Which I already knew. Murphy called to ask me to meet her in the courtyard, as she had a reply to her petition. I located her near to the complaining cadets and koi ponds, where she confirmed that Starfleet Command had denied her appeal.

Of course, her first solution was for us to both leave the service. But that would just leave us worse off, not get revenge against Stemmons. She then suggested that we could be together which took me by surprise as I hadn’t realised that we were in a relationship… I let her down easy by saying that we both needed Starfleet or we’d go stir-crazy. So, she was posted to the USS Dallas, and I began teaching…

Elite Force 2 42

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, Stardate 57026.1. After running a training simulation with one of my pupils, En. Korban, where we had to kill Romulans in a Klingon outpost, we exited to be greeted by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Administrator Stammets. I don’t know why Picard was there, as he was apparently supposed to be meeting with the headmaster, but he had been impressed by watching the simulation and wanted to know more about me. This led to me telling him about the Hazard Team, which Stammets quickly tried to poo-poo as superfluous. His research suggested that starships in Federation space didn’t need Hazard Teams — which Picard took umbrage with. In fact, he offered me a place on the USS Enterprise, as well as any other personnel that I thought might be useful! Oh, and I eliminated 88 enemies with a 45% shot accuracy.

Things moved quickly, and soon enough I was aboard the flagship of Starfleet, and as it transpired so was Tuvok! He was on temporary assignment as Lt. Worf was on leave, with the added benefit that he had experience overseeing Hazard Team operations, and so could help Enterprise get up to speed. Picard went on to say that En.s Jurot, Chang, and Koban would be the core team, alongside myself and Chell who had beamed in with me. From Enterprise’s existing crew Cm. Stockman was going to be our pilot, and En. Franklin would also be included.

Elite Force 2 45

Since Enterprise was in the middle of a diplomatic mission, the tour would have to wait, so I was dismissed to check out the ship’s Hazard Operations. Tuvok suggested that I check out Korban’s newly developed weapon — he worked fast it seemed — in the armoury. Of course, I had to check the deck map, because the ship was nearly twice as long as Voyager was, with almost 10 more decks. Checking in with Koban, he told me about the Federation Assault Rifle and thanked me for the honour of assigning him to the Hazard Team. I ducked into the holodeck and shot some human targets, then used a turbolift to reach Hazard Operations.

There were more personnel and lockers than I had expected, with names I didn’t recognise: Tompsen, Bobowski, Struhlem, Devaldenbro, and Sirhc. I did recognise Laird, though Picard hadn’t mentioned her earlier.

Elite Force 2 59

In the briefing room, Chang was asking Tuvok if he could trade lockers, due to a past relationship with Jurot making him feel awkward. He agreed to speak with Laird on his behalf. While looking for Jurot, I found a pad with her locker PIN in a large font just sitting on a table, and out of curiosity opened her locker. And stole her I-Mod. Not that she noticed when I spoke to her, stood a couple of metres from said locker.

There was little time for friendly chatter, as I was summoned to the bridge. Picard asked how long training would take, but immediately Tuvok spoke up about a distress signal. Over the bridge speakers we heard Cpt. Galloway of the USS Dallas, the ship was under attack from an unknown lifeform, and that all ships should avoid the vessel. So, we set course and Picard apologised that I’d get my tour another time. I was given orders to assemble a team which included Franklin, as he was an expert on Excelsior class ships. I was glad that the captain didn’t need me to convince him to go to the Dallas’ aid, otherwise that might have betrayed how concerned I was for Murphy…

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