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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Six

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Six

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force…

Ensign Munro’s personal log, supplemental. We had beamed back to Voyager with the isodesium, leaving the exploding Borg ship…

Lt Cmdr. Tuvok was there to greet us in the transporter room, and said that Seven of Nine was with the isotope in engineering with Lt. Torres. Since power would be restored soon, we were now being given leave for some R&R! Better still, Lt. Foster was expected to recover after we had rescued him. Tuvok dismissed us, saying that we should probably use our holodeck time while we could, and my objective told me to use it for trying out weapons. So, not so much rest as “do some training”...

Elite Forces 134

I bumped into Cm. Murphy and she asked to see me in the mess hall later, and I headed for the equipment room. Cm. Oviedo handed me what he called a personal photon torpedo launcher — nicknamed Photon Burst — and told me to try it out. So, I hopped into the holodeck and shot 25 Klingons — the Photon Burst’s secondary fire mode appeared to be heat-seeking, though not very accurate.

Heading to the mess hall, I saw Murphy being served by Neelix. Since he didn’t bring me anything to eat earlier, I was looking forward to getting some grub now, but after handing over Murphy’s Tarkalean wine, he wandered off to talk to the other people in the room! Including a rather loud conversation with En. Paris about the dubious contents of the day’s pie.

Elite Forces 135

Murphy spoke to me about how Tuvok was warming up to me, and that she was glad that I had come out of the previous mission unharmed. She hesitated before starting to tell me that she was wondering something — but Neelix cut her off, to ask about the wine. Murphy said that it was fine, then awkwardly excused herself from the room.

As Neelix had also wandered off, I overheard him asking Chang if he wanted something to eat, and began to wonder what I had done to make Neelix seemingly refuse to serve me, so I went up to the man to ask him. He said that I was becoming something of a hero on board and that I should get a promotion, before walking away. Chang said that we shouldn’t be complacent while Cm. Chakotay and Paris discussed our power situation, before both congratulating me on the mission. Cms. Laird and Jaworski, both standing near the window, had nothing to say to me, and Jurot was in the middle of a 3D chess match.

Elite Forces 138

Suddenly, Laird spotted something moving through the debris outside, and that got everyone’s attention. While it was too far to see with the naked eye, the ship sensors clearly spotted something as the captain summoned the senior staff to the conference room, and Chakotay asked me to join them. Once there, Seven said that it was probably a Harvester, one of which decimated a quarter of the Borg cube that we had just visited. So, if the Harvester reached us, Voyager was done for. Lt. Torres reported that it was still going to take too long to get the ship able to move or defend itself, so En. Kim suggested a “gunship” that was in the area. Seven called it a dreadnought and that it was basically a long-range cannon, so Chakotay put words to what everyone was thinking: aim it at the Harvester and fire. Tuvok said that the ship had power and no life signs detected, so Cpt. Janeway ordered us to put a team together and get it done.

In the briefing room, Tuvok explained that we’d be beaming in through a hole in the hull, which wasn’t too far away from the control room. Murphy voiced the real concern that it might not work, though Tuvok said that all indications were that the weapon had never been fired, though admitted that sensors couldn’t really penetrate the hull… But we had less than four hours to get this done before the Harvester arrived, so we were doing it anyway. Tuvok was going to accompany Chang, Murphy, Chell, Csatlos, and myself — we weren’t taking any chances that something might go south.

Elite Forces 142

Once I had grabbed my helmet from my locker, I grabbed as many weapons as my transporter buffer could carry and waited in the transporter room with Tuvok, who now sported a Hazard uniform. Frustratingly, I apparently had to go and listen to what my team had to say in private before they finally shuffled towards the transporter room. Chell was nervous, Csatlos was keeping his spirits up, and I’ve actually no idea where Murphy or Chang were as they entered the equipment room after I had dragged the other two in…

We finally beamed over to what appeared to be a fighter launch bay, and the hole we had found was one of the open bay doors. The doors leading out wouldn’t open until I utilised the low gravity to get up to a console on the upper platform to restore environmental integrity. Following the hallway, a pipe exploded and almost landed on my head. Around to the left were some explosive crates, and as we all went around to the right, some small alien creatures came out from behind them. The others started firing while I was looking the other way, so I can only assume the aliens looked more dangerous than when I did look.

Elite Forces 147

Chell opened the elevator doors and we went up to the next level to find a partially blocked corridor. I located an access tunnel and went through, shooting two more of the creatures as they scuttled towards me. On the other side, a grate slid over the exit, meaning that I was stuck there unless I found a way to get Chell through the blocked door. Luckily, in amongst the biobeds was a laser, though it required a tedious array of commands to change the angle so that it would blast the chair blocking the door…

When everyone was through, we entered the elevator and rose up to the next level which was where the control room was. There were some scavengers trying to break in that we had to deal with first, but then Chell set to work unlocking the door. Tuvok ordered him to lock the door again, and we investigated the controls. The lieutenant activated environmental controls and unlocked the security doors because while the weapon could fire, it wasn’t loaded. But before he explained what we had to do, Chell played an audio log and immediately regretted it.

Elite Forces 150

While the outside of the ship was relatively undamaged, clearly a Harvester had been by and the crew of the dreadnought had been overcome by something horrible, though I was confused about where all of the apparent damage had gone.

Tuvok deactivated the audio and told me to take a small team to the gun barrel — measuring at 700 metres long — and ride the maintenance tram to the plasma focusing router which was misaligned. Then, we would need to get an energy round loaded into the firing chamber so that Tuvok could fire it.

Elite Forces 152

Choosing Chang and Csatlos to accompany me, we headed for the door that Chell didn’t lock — while he misgendered me — and further into the ship. For some reason, Csatlos put his face near a unit connected to the wall, though he stepped back when I told him to. Unfortunately, it was too late and a drone which was docked in the unit detached and flew off down the hallway, connecting to a quadrupedal frame equipped with an energy weapon! We destroyed it, but two more came marching down the hallway — we weren’t as alone as we had hoped…

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries
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