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Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Nine

Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Nine

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Elite Force II where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Elite Force II…

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, supplemental. After discovering where the mastermind behind the Exomorphs was, we had arrived at the planet but I had been captured…

I woke to find myself inside a force field, with Krindo ready to gloat at me. He planned on exchanging us for Kleeya with Picard, so I told him to shove it and asked where my teammates were. He commented that I should worry about myself, so I goaded him with the knowledge that he clearly didn’t care about his own people because his father was on Taravar VII. So, if he didn’t shut down the Exomorphs, his father would die.

Elite Force 2 304

Krindo didn’t believe me, but humoured me by attempting to contact his father at the colony. To his horror, the man answered the hail and said that the Exomorphs were at the door, eating through it as he spoke. Krindo urgently attempted to shut down the creatures, but the command wasn’t working so he decided to free me and activate the facility’s manual destruct. He assured me that he would meet me at the lift to the surface, and since he needed to stand trial for what he had done, that’s what I wanted. Officially. Unofficially, I kinda hoped that he would blow up with the control room.

Riding the lift down a level, things were already starting to explode. In fact, the gantry ahead of me exploded as a large Exomorph burst through it to attack me! I managed to kill it and jump across the gap, then following my gut I went through the door to my right after dealing with a second creature. I followed the hallway to where it became a tunnel covered with a force field and killed two more creatures which were stood beside a dead Idryll.

Elite Force 2 307

As things kept exploding, the force field went down, but I wasn’t attacked from above. Instead, the attack was from two large Exomorphs in front of me! Then, I entered another covered tunnel only for the gantry to explode for seemingly no reason, and the force field power to cut out. This did make it easier to get across the gap, at least to the lower level, so that I could climb up a ladder just in time to get attacked by a large Exomorph…

I followed a hallway into a dark, Exomorph-infested indoor swamp, at least from what I could tell with my night vision, the water up to my ankles, and the foliage growing around the place. At least there was an elevator, which came when I called it and took me up to fight another big creature. There were also some dead Idryll, though given the fact the Exomorph burst through a door to attack me, I’m not sure how they died.

Elite Force 2 308

Down another corridor, I found a lift and some smaller Exomorphs, and unfortunately, the ankle-deep water was back once I went down in the lift… I then found myself in a large room with an elevator in the centre, growling off to the sides, and Krindo at a console in front of me. I had no idea how he beat me here, nor why I wasn’t allowed to use the same route, but at least he was alive so that we could hold him accountable.

As I approached Krindo, the growling Exomorph decided to attack! The Idryll scientist told me that it was called a Stalker, and could “phase shift” which was another way of saying that it could cloak. I managed to make short work of it by utilising the secondary function on the Arc Gun which had effective splash damage. Krindo finally finished repairing the elevator, and we headed for the surface and used an Idryll shuttle to escape. I had eliminated 598 enemies with 39% accuracy.

Elite Force 2 312

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, Stardate 57062.5. We arrived back at Enterprise and landed in the shuttle bay. Krindo was confined to the brig, and Cpt. Picard joined me in questioning him about why the Exomorphs didn’t shut down. He let slip that there was a master control facility somewhere in the system, but the other Idryll didn’t know about it, only himself, his father, and Omag, a Ferengi that the Enterprise-D had encountered on Stardate 45245.8.

Since Krindo figured that it was Omag’s fault that his father was dead, he readily agreed to contact the Ferengi and arrange a meeting to dig up some newly discovered facility. Apparently, their meetings always took place in the Jhadaff system, aboard a station owned by a Klingon named Lurok. Picard ordered me to work out a plan to trap Omag, using Krindo and En. Gonzales’ help. We let Krindo out to call Omag from his shuttle, but since it required repairs Picard summoned Lt. Barclay to the shuttlebay. Before we left the brig, Krindo asked how Kleeya was, despite it having been barely a week since he had seen her and parted on poor terms.

Elite Force 2 316

After escorting Krindo to the shuttlebay, Barclay dismissed me as it would take a while to finish repairs. Kleeya took that opportunity to contact me and ask to see me in her quarters. En. Murphy also called me and told me to find her later so that we could talk. Since I probably only had time to see one or the other, I headed to Kleeya’s guest quarters.

She asked how Krindo was, but said that she felt unable to go and see him due to his “deadly lies”. I agreed because what he did was pretty unforgivable. En. Korban called to ask me to meet him in the armoury, so I headed to Deck 8. Whatever Murphy had wanted could probably keep a while longer.

Elite Force 2 318

Korban eagerly explained that the Photon Burst had been upgraded to a Quantum Burst, which meant that it used a higher yield micro-torpedo, and asked me to try it out. While I did so, I also discovered that it could be laser-guided, which was a good idea for wide spaces. Less so for indoors… Upon completing the holodeck program, Barclay called to say that repairs were complete, so I headed back to Deck 7.

Picard was there to see us off, and confirmed that Omag was there. We’d go in using Krindo’s shuttle, piloted by Cm. Stockman, while Enterprise remained outside of sensor range. Upon arrival, we made our way to the cantina, and I overheard someone mention that Omag was in the VIP room. The Klingon behind the bar told us how to get in — defeat the Nausicaan bouncer in melee combat. At least she handed me a bat'leth before closing us in a cage…

Elite Force 2 324

After fighting my way to victory, we were allowed through into the VIP section. I had Krindo approach Omag first, then Gonzales and I went over. I attempted to convince him to play nice by quoting Rules of Acquisition at him, but he claimed to be telling the truth that he had no idea where the master control facility was. It came out that while Krindo had provided false data to the Ferengi, the shuttle he had used to do it had been sold by the very same person! So, the ship had sent over the full, real, data.

He suddenly ran, calling out that he’d pay anyone who killed me and Gonzales! I left the Ensign to guard Krindo and gave chase after Omag. He alternated between offering money and claiming that this was a Federation raid intent on arresting everyone, which made a lot of people want to try and kill me. I killed a bunch of Klingons and humans as I ran after Omag through the station, and I’m certain that I even hit the Ferengi himself with a micro-torpedo at one point…

Elite Force 2 327

We reached the area where Omag’s shuttle was docked, which was definitely not the same place we had docked. He had managed to convince the station owner Lurok to take up arms against me, using some kind of loader on rails. It took some doing, but I destroyed that, then killed Lurok himself. I called Enterprise and Picard confirmed that they were en route to pick up Omag. Before leaving, I grabbed the Tetryon Gatling Gun that Lurok had used against me, and called Stockman to pick me up immediately. I had eliminated 654 enemies with 39% accuracy. Now it was time to interrogate Omag…

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