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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries Part Four

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries Part Four

This is my ongoing exploration of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I will continue Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

After being “killed” for show by Darth Vader, Galen was on a quest to raise an army to distract the Emperor, with his first stop locating General Kota…

While clearly drunker than he was dead, Rahm Kota readily jumped up to aid me against the Imperial forces that were invading the “Vapor Room” that we were in. The most annoying of them was a new type of trooper called Imperial Senate Guards, who were able to block my lightsaber with their lightsaber pikes, and seemed resistant to The Force. Luckily, not resistant to Force Lightning, so definitely beatable. Just a bit more challenging than the Ugnaughts that appeared to own the bar and were also attacking me.

20230703142010 1

Fighting our way outside — or at least I assumed that Kota was assisting me, I didn’t see it — I finally had some big things to chuck at people. To my great amusement, some of the canisters were filled with carbonite and instantly froze people that I smashed with them! Better still, there were hoses that I could rip out of the ground to spray troopers with carbonite!

Juno Eclipse said that she had a problem landing the ship and so would have to meet us at the adjacent platform. It was only then that I realised we were on Bespin, as I could see Cloud City in the distance! Until then, I didn’t know where we were, other than some random bar. We had set a course for Narr Shada, but based on what Galen had said in the opening cutscene, I knew that we weren’t there.

20230703142120 1

Reaching the next landing platform I fought off the assortment of Troopers (Storm, Jump, Scout, Imperial Senate), as well as two mech suits called Uggernaughts. Yes, they were being piloted by Ugnaughts. An Imperial ship landed and offloaded some troopers, as well as a Sith Shadow Guard. Of course, the Troopers went flying courtesy of The Force, but the Shadow Guard was a lot tougher and immune to Force Push. However, once knocked down, they were super susceptible to Force Lightning, so I zapped the heck out of them and their lightsaber pike!

A cutscene began where Kota attempted to dissuade me from taking on the Empire — also Galen’s lightsaber was blue, rather than the red which I had been using… Kota went on to suggest reaching out to his contact on the Senate, and we boarded the Rogue Shadow.

20230703143026 1

In the mission summary, I completed the “Freeze 10 Imperials in Carbonite” bonus objective, killed 58 assorted enemies, and collected 0/5 Holocrons. I was too busy running and stabbing to wander around looking for them…

We arrived at our destination, Kashyyyk, where I was to get something for Kota’s contact. Apparently, the same person helped Kota get to Bespin, but come on I tracked him down there quickly enough… Whatever he wanted I would know it when I saw it, and all that stood between me and it was a planet full of Imperial forces, and likely some slave Wookiees that would need killing. And, as it turned out, many small fires which was surprising since most of the planet was wood.

20230703143218 1

As luck would have it, we set down next to my old house, and sensing something familiar about it, I entered, despite Kota’s objections over the communicator. The Force Ghost of Kento approached, saying that he didn’t want this for his son before disappearing, much to Galen’s dismay…

Juno called in to say that there was a nearby Imperial facility, which was where I should head next. Directly in front of me were three Stormtroopers with flame throwers, AKA Imperial Incinerator Troopers. To my glee, they exploded when thrown into things! Sure, they had Force-proof shields, but those were taken down in one hit, allowing me to give them a good old Force lob. Further down the path, however, were two turrets in towers, and an AT-KT that honestly kicked me about a little before I was able to kill them and Force the big doors they were guarding open.

20230712102654 1

More assorted troopers awaited me on the other side, and as it so happened, almost the entire area was high above the forest floor! So yes, troopers went flying. PROXY called to say that there was a communications tower nearby, and suggested I disable it. As suggested, I used Force Lightning to disable the two generators powering it (one up, one down), and Force’d opened another big door. After murdering the few troopers inside, I carried on into a building and destroyed some security monitors just because.

An Imperial Royal Guard came out to fight me while PROXY explained that I was in Captain Ozzik Sturn’s quarters. In the middle was a Wookiee in a cage trying to escape, surrounded by the mounted heads of multiple fauna. Once the Royal Guard was dispatched, I attempted to free the Wookiee but wound up stabbing them…

20230712103113 1

Entering the door to the left, I met with Princess Leia and R2D2. She took me to be an assassin, but I truthfully said that I did not work for the Emperor; I was there with General Kota. Believing Kota dead, Leia let slip that her father was the one leaking Imperial intel to the Jedi. However, though I convinced her that I really was there with Kota, she refused to leave until a Skyhook in the distance could be destroyed, lest it be used to enslave even more Wookiees.

Making my way through the forest — at ground level — I fought a variety of troopers and freed a whole bunch of Wookiees. Yes, I also killed some of them, but rarely on purpose. Entering a prison, I killed troopers, yanked laser gate power cables, and freed some prisoners! To my great annoyance there were a couple of Purge Troopers who caused me some grief, but I exited the prison victoriously. The Skyhook lay ahead, but I needed PROXY to tell me how to disable it because it was heavily guarded.

20230712104116 1

Fighting the many troopers, I yanked out the traction hooks (that’s what the droid called them, they were arcing with electricity) and decided that now was a good time to upgrade. After all, Captain Sturn had joined the fray in an AT-??. Requiring more health, I upgraded Resilience twice and Fortitude once, then used most of my points to get the final level of Force Lightning. I also chose Lightning Bomb, Dashing Shock and Impale for new moves but ultimately forgot to use them on Sturn.

With the final hook removed, the Skyhook did something that I’m not quite sure? The energy it was expelling turned orange instead of blue, and the nearby Wookiees cheered, so I guess that’s what it needed to do.

20230712104745 3

In the mission summary, I completed the “Destroy the Imperial Comm Tower” and “Force Points” bonus objectives, killed 73 assorted enemies, and collected 10/15 Holocrons.

A cutscene began aboard the Rogue Shadow, and Galen confronted Kota about who that woman was, and upon learning that Bail Organa was her father he demanded to speak with the man. However, that wasn’t possible as Organa had gone missing while looking for Shaak Ti, on the planet Felucia. Galen interrupted Kota just as he was about to say the planet, and while he was ready for the Jedi to strike, Kota brushed it off as Galen’s connection to The Force giving him telepathy. In any case, we were going (back) to Felucia to rescue Organa.

Cutting to Felucia, it transpired that the Jedi apprentice Maris Brood was keeping Organa prisoner, in case Darth Vader found them and a bargaining chip was required.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries
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