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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Diaries Part Two

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Diaries Part Two

This is my ongoing exploration of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I will continue Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Having escaped Darth Vader’s clutches, I had just arrived at the planet Cato Neimoidia to rescue Rahm Kota, and been met with a less than warm welcome…

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 35

After fighting off a handful of Stormtroopers, an AT-MP Imperial Walker began firing missiles at me, which I deflected back towards it with The Force. Then two Sith Acolyte’s attacked, teleporting in somehow. They were resistant to The Force — but only so long as they were upright. When knocked down I could give them the old “chuck them into space” treatment, and gain access to an elevator.

Down a level I was accosted by more Troopers who I dispatched easily. As I went down a slope towards a monorail tram, it left before I could get aboard meaning that I would be having to take the long way around. I went back up the slope and moved a platform to let me jump to the upper level, where I found more people to kill. Following the carpets (there were no walls so I hesitate to call it a hallway), I suddenly remembered how to throw my lightsabers, so I did that to destroy some floating platforms! This allowed me to get across a gap and into the building across from me.

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 47

As I followed the paths and Force Pushed open doors, the Imperial officer in charge, Baron Merillion Tarko began taunting me. Gradually it turned from taunts to asking me to willingly join his gladiatorial arena, promising me power and wealth. As I approached an elevator, I was attacked by two AT-MPs and some Troopers, then a few Sith Acolytes! It was a frustrating battle, but I managed to get on the elevator. It took well over 30 seconds to get to the top, where the Baron told me that he’d seen me fight, now he wanted to see me run!

And run I did while a spaceship blasted the floor away behind me! It even brought a tower down, and I had to jump, landing in a handy casino below. Some laser gates activated which were handy for disposing of people, though when I went down a level I encountered more AT-MBs and Sith Acolytes! Worse still, the next level down had more Sith Acolytes as well as some carbonite-wielding Wardroids!

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 44

With them eventually dead, and after using a big old Force Push to break through the carbonite-covered doors, I spotted a hologram of Jabba the Hutt — or just a Hutt, I might be being racist. I broke the slot machines in front of it, and it gave me a Holocron, unlocking a costume to make me look like Guybrush Threepwood! And there were gold statues of the character in the room with music reminiscent of his games, which I didn’t notice at first. Not important to the story, but it was a fun surprise.

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 39

Outside, I was chased by another spacecraft — or the same one — blowing up the path behind me again! Not for long, however, as I leapt onto a tram that took off immediately. It came under fire from TIE Fighters, so I had to grab and throw those until the craft from earlier caught up and opened fire. It shot the tram with a Gatling gun and launched missiles at me so that I had some way to defend myself. Probably not the intent but hey. The tram was almost destroyed, but barely made it to the other side. Or, rather, thanks to a massive leap I managed to get there…

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 37

With some downtime (lasting mere moments), I grabbed some upgrades. I went with Saber Throw and Lightning since I wasn’t really using the lightsabers normally except to fight the Sith Acolytes. Following the path, I encountered laser gates, various Troopers, AT-MBs, and MANDROIDs aplenty. Approaching the arena, however, the path exploded ahead of me!

The ship that had been bothering me up to now rose up in the gap and opened fire. After throwing some missiles back at it and slamming it into two buildings to the sides, I was able to use it as a springboard to get into the arena! The Baron demanded that “the Gorog” be released, and I was a little underwhelmed to see a Rancor come stomping out — until something with hands the size of Rancors grabbed it and rose out of a pit!

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 21

The first thing that I needed to do was power up the Gorog’s manacles, then Force Push them back into their housings. Each hand twice. It was quite frustrating to be honest, made worse by the fact it didn’t die! No, instead, after I cut into its skull with my lightsaber, it broke free and then threw me across the arena! Kota suggested that I use the fact that this was a bridge city (suspended between massive mountains) to my advantage and make the Gorog fall. This was made trickier by Troopers being dropped off now and then, but eventually, I overcame the beast.

Leaping into the chamber where the Baron was holed up and being confronted by Kota, I was preparing to fight the Baron. However, I wasn’t ready for the Gorog to snatch the Baron, eat him, and then snatch Kota! Then together they fell into the abyss!

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 12

Giving chase face-first, I had to avoid debris before I caught up to the falling monster and attacked it. I managed to defeat it, which just left Kota and me plummeting to our inevitable doom. Fortunately, Kota activated a beacon and a ship swooped in, snatching us out of the air! It turned out to be the Rogue Shadow, the original Starkiller’s ship, though it didn’t look the same to me…

In the cutscene, Kota explained that the ship was empty because he didn’t know where Juno Eclipse was, and since the Rebellion had been scattered to the wind thanks to the Empire, he didn’t really know where anyone else was either. But that would change now that Galen was back! Except Clone Galen explained that he was a clone, Vader had told him so, and he didn’t want to do anything except meditate and find Juno. Kota was displeased, while Clone Galen was “finding himself” it meant that people would die! But no, why not go wander the forests of Kashyyyk, or explore the caves of Dagobah?

Force Unleashed 2 part 2 50

Kota seemed to regret saying that, and told Clone Galen to just drop him off at a starbase and take the ship wherever he wanted to go. For some reason, Clone Galen fixated on the mention of Dagobah, and before I knew it, the ship had landed in a swamp…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries
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