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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Diaries Part Three

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Diaries Part Three

This is my ongoing exploration of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I will continue Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Having rescued Rahm Kota from the arena in Cato Neimoidia, I had set course for the Dagobah system based on a seemingly off-handed comment from the general…

Leaving the recess which my ship had landed in, I passed by a little hovel built into the base of a tree. Following the path around, I found a cave and encountered a short green alien. Describing themself as merely a watcher, not a guardian, they said that I was welcome to go inside the cave. Whatever I was looking for they said “What you seek, inside you shall find”, though that could have meant in the cave or in a “the friends we made along the way” kind of deal.

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 1

Inside the cave, my clothes changed and I was confronted by a handful of mes. Presumably a manifestation of the failed clones, but I brushed them off and continued, the mist soon parting to reveal Juno Eclipse! Now going by “Captain Eclipse”, she was in the command centre of a ship or station. Suddenly, she was assaulted by Imperial forces before the vision ended. “What you have seen, follow it you must” the watcher told me upon exiting the cave, and I left Dagobah.

Soon arriving at a spaceship called Salvation, and having apparently picked up Kota along the way, we docked and made our way to the command centre. Kota explained that he hadn’t told Juno about me, because he believed that I wasn’t a clone at all — or if I was it didn’t matter. I handed over encrypted data about the Kamino cloning facilities when suddenly our ride was interrupted by the ship shaking and the grav-platform we were on losing power.

We hurried through the corridors, but arrived moments too late! Juno was gone, but as it turned out PROXY was there! It had been repaired after Darth Vader had apparently disabled it on Corellia. It said that Juno had been taken to the hangar bay, and warned me to be careful before briefly showing the holographic image of the bounty hunter Boba Fett.

After Forcing a couple of pieces of ship into place and powering them with Force Lightning, I hopped onto an elevator which suddenly plummeted a long distance. Not that it mattered to a Force user who could seemingly fall massive distances without harm. As I used The Force to open doors, someone on comms screamed “What is that?” before being killed by something, not that I had long to worry, however, as a robot spider jumped me! In the following room were loads of them, but they fell to Force Lightning, and when I suddenly remembered Force Repulse the couple of dozen more were easily dispatched with that.

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 2

Quickly upgrading my Force Lightning to its highest level, I re-powered a door and told Kota about the things I’d just encountered — Terror Droids. Down another elevator and through more halls, I was treated to screams from dying men, before reaching a partially-destroyed room with a still-flaming door. Following that corridor, I saw Juno unconscious on the floor, inside a room sealed behind a forcefield! Backtracking, I was attacked by an enemy that could cloak, some more Terror Droids, and then a couple of more cloaking enemies. I would later learn that they were called Terror Troopers. With them dead, I was able to re-power the door opposite the fire and try to find a way around to Juno.

While I was annoyed that I hadn’t encountered any enemies near the handy breakable windows out into space, I was highly amused when I tried to Force Grip some random crate and managed to snatch a Terror Trooper as it uncloaked to attack me! After killing them and their friend, I was finally able to fulfil my dream of using Force Push to smash open a window and eject a third Trooper out into the vacuum. But a fourth was cloaked when that happened, so I had to murder them the boring, normal, laser swords and magic lightning way…

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 13

Finally, I arrived in the room where Juno had been unconscious. She was now being escorted away at blaster-point by Boba Fett himself, though she spotted me and now probably knew why she was being targeted. Before I could give chase, however, I had to destroy a room full of Terror Droids and Troopers. Hurrying down the corridors, a large energy beam lanced through the wall and vaporised some rebel troopers. After destroying some Terror Droids, I went through the hole that the beam had left, and whatever had fired it had left a pretty circuitous path for me to follow via some mad platforming skills.

That wasn’t all, as I dropped into what appeared to be part of the engine room, with spinning things and dangerous energy fields that required timing and luck to circumnavigate. Also there were Terror Droids and bits that I needed to stop moving by using The Force on them. I was very glad when I dropped back into an ordinary corridor I’ll tell you. Less so when I opened the door ahead of me to find not only more, different, engine parts, but also a bunch of Terror Troopers, Terror Droids, and a bigger one called a Terror Biodroid that I honestly barely had time to look at! Luckily, the flaming jets of fire on the floor that ignited every few seconds aided in killing them.

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 21

Unfortunately, by the time I got away from the engine room and into the hangar, Boba Fett was leaving in his ship! As Kota prepared Salvation to give chase, I caught sight of an Imperial droid escaping into the main engine room. It was a huge Terror Walker, and worse, it was shielded. Kota told me to use The Force to lift reactor pylons, which I did, creating an EMP which disabled the shield allowing me to damage the Walker. This didn’t last, however, and without warning some fuses ejected themselves from around the large circular room. Not to make things too easy, I was assaulted by Terror Troopers and Droids preventing me from reinserting said fuses… And the core regularly pulsed energy for me to avoid, because why not!

Once the fuses were reinserted and the Terror Walker’s shield was down, I damaged it before jumping up onto it, then used it to destroy some Biodroids that had arrived out of nowhere, finally ending its threat by shoving it into the energy beam in the middle of the room! Exiting the engine room, using the Walker’s body as a platform, I was horrified to discover that our fight in the engine room, where part of the engine was destroyed by one of the two EMPs, took place while the ship was in hyperspace! We had just arrived in orbit around Kamino, and the fleet had begun its assault on the Imperial ships defending the planet.

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 31

As luck would have it, I was back in the hangar bay when troop transports “docked” and the rebel troopers were almost immediately annihilated. However, once I’d returned the favour a vehicle transport docked and locked itself in place, preventing our ships from leaving! They had an AT-MP as well as an AT-ST aboard, along with some Troopers who all died pretty quickly. A second transport unit arrived to block the one still-open docking port and unloaded two AT-MPs and an AT-ST, as some snipers appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, the Imperials were easily dispatched and I was able to disconnect the transports themselves from the ship too, allowing our Y-Wings to join the fray outside.

However, as I headed for the bridge I was told that Imperials had reached the engine room, so I had to drop down a hole to go through all of that again! Except this time with Stormtroopers! Somehow at the end were a bunch of Troopers and an AT-MP? Even later I had no idea how they managed to get that so deep into the ship so quickly. After murdering the lot of them, I retraced my steps across the mad skill platforms, killing Troopers as I went, before entering a corridor which had me face-to-face with a Carbonite War Droid! But this time, it didn’t use Carbonite, it used fire which as you might know is very different, but also made it easier to destroy.

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 47

Following the corridors, I encountered more resistance and more Incinerator War Droids, as well as some new Troopers that were like Sith Acolytes, called Saber Guard which were resistant to Force Lightning and had lightsabers. I re-powered a door and saw some random Stormtrooper walking casually towards me. Intending on Force Gripping them, I inadvertently grabbed a Terror Trooper just as they decloaked to attack me! Honestly, my favourite thing to do was quickly becoming “accidentally grab an enemy with The Force”.

Arriving back at the room with the fiery door, I encountered heavy resistance but managed to emerge victorious, before having to move an elevator up out of my way so that I could drop down a level due to a catastrophic hallway malfunction. Like, it blew up and was blocked. This turned out to be a good thing for the ship, however, as I had to detour to the gunnery deck to fight off some Imperial boarding parties that were targeting the weapons directly. After killing an infuriating number of Saber Guard, along with an Incinerator War Droid And some Troopers, I realised that I had enough Force points to upgrade. So I chose Mind Trick and Saber. Then, I could fire the cannons using Force Lightning, though it appeared to not do anything at all to the Imperial Star Destroyer opposite… Thankfully, removing the fuse from the furthest gun and popping it into a damaged gun let me blow a hole in a wall and leave!

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 53

In the room with the main cannon, it received a direct hit which took it offline (the instant I’d killed all of the Imperial forces, as usual). Credit where it’s due, that was a masterful hit by the Imperial gunner. So, I jumped up onto the main cannon and using Force Lightning and Force Push, I fired it! And it worked, blowing part of the Star Destroyer off, tearing it in half!

Force Unleashed 2 part 3 60

Leaving via an elevator and moving platform, I was attacked by a bunch of Terror Droids, but through liberal use of Force Repulse I was fine by the time the platform came to a crashing halt. Speaking of crashing! With a segue like that, can you guess Clone Galen’s plan to get through the planetary shield? He made Kota order everyone to abandon the ship, because he was going to crash it…!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries
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