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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries Part Three

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries Part Three

This is my ongoing exploration of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I will continue Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

With Kazdan Paratus dead, one final challenge lay ahead of me: taking on Shaak Ti on the planet Felucia…

Somewhere along the way, I had apparently learned how to do a move called Force Repulse, so when I was attacked by Felucian warriors I added it into my repertoire of fighting moves. Of course, my main option was to Force Throw them straight up into the air, but it was nice to have other options, especially as it looked like a “cave” kind of planet, so limited open areas.

20230630134128 1

Going through a cave it opened into a large area filled with platforms and Felucians. The worst ones were the warriors that could block my lightsaber, who required extra murdering… Actually, scratch that, since there were multiple holocrons around the area, the worst thing was how many times I fell down to the lowest level after spending time climbing up… only to miss a jump or fall off of a platform. I knew that there was one right at the top, but after my third failed attempt I just continued through a cave and back into the open.

Juno Eclipse radioed to tell me that I should take out the leader of each group to demoralise the rest, and make my job easier. Since the leader was creating some kind of shield effect over their men, I was annoyed to find that I had to kill them first anyway. Quickly becoming wary of the very ground I stood upon, because of some throbbing pustules that exploded when I touched them, I fought through more than a few Felucians.

20230630135423 1

A quick detour through a cave led me into a forested area that my droid PROXY said was the site of a major Clone Wars conflict. However, I was more concerned with the large Felucian which guarded a bridge. As it had the same glow as the others I had fought that required “demoralising”, I killed the leader, then threw the large one into the hole.

Dropping into a large area, PROXY warned about “very large creatures” nearby, as a Rancor stomped into view. Luckily for me, there were some exploding flowers nearby that I simply threw at it until it died, leaving me to combat the Felucians that had chosen to join me. Once they stopped appearing, I followed the path around to a heavily-guarded cave which took some getting into.

20230630135901 1

Unfortunately for me, while the cave was also full of Falucians, it also had three Rancor inside! Since I had been collecting Holocrons and killing swathes of indigenous lifeforms, I was able to level up a few things. Force Push and Lightning were both obvious upgrades, as was Force Repulse, and Force Focus, Saber Mastery, and Combo Mastery also received an upgrade. Then I unlocked some combo moves, among them Sith Saber Flurry, Lightning Grenade, Saber Slam, and some Aerial moves. Again, these would be nice to have, but I was probably going to just keep chucking people into low orbit as a mainstay.

With a limited amount of exploding blossoms, I had to do most of the killing manually. It was here that I finally realised that some of the enemies had been turning invisible, all this time I had assumed I was just missing them! It took some doing, but I killed everyone and everything in sight, and left the cave.

20230630140815 1

Dropping down into the so-called Ancient Abyss, I met Shaak Ti who had been meditating alone. She attacked me and we fought, with her calling in back-up in the form of Falucian warriors. When her health was down halfway, she jumped down into a lower level and I followed, though I grew wary when I noticed that some tentacles I had noticed earlier in the background were now right beside us.

During the next portion of our battle, she kept calling on the tentacles to pummel me, as well as more Falucians to annoy me. However, there were some of the exploding pustules at the far left of the area, and Shaak Ti was susceptible to Force Push! Better still, the pustules hurt her more than my lightsaber, so I just kept shoving her into them, and at least twice she ran into a pustule all on her own.

20230630141707 1

Before I could kill her, Shaak Ti said that my power was wasted with Vader, and that the Sith always betray one another. Then she dropped herself into the hole with the tentacles, and an explosion of light fired upwards. Some Falucians surrounded me, but backed off at the ignition of my lightsaber, so I left.

In the mission summary, I completed the “Destroy 4 Rancors” and “Force Points” bonus objectives, and killed 153 assorted enemies. I also collected 12/15 Holocrons.

20230630141754 2

A cutscene began with Galen reporting his success to Darth Vader, who told him to return to the capital ship to help take out the Emperor. Upon arrival, Vader said that the Emperor’s fleet had arrived, but he had not lured the man there. In fact, the Emperor’s spies had followed Galen! The door opened and Vader stabbed Galen with his lightsaber, and upon being ordered to kill the apprentice he threw the youngster out through the window!

Outside, however, a droid grabbed Galen’s body and flew off with him… As he regained consciousness some time later, the sound of Vader’s breathing apparatus filled the air. He woke with a shout, restrained to a bed and being administered to by a medical droid. Vader explained that he rescued Galen and rebuilt him, having thrown him into space so that the Emperor believed that he was dead. Now that he was awake, it was time for Galen to fulfil his destiny — by freeing himself from this ship, the ISS Empirical, and causing enough of a distraction to pull the Emperor's attention away from Vader.

After telling him to amass an army, and wipe away all signs of his previous life, Vader turned into PROXY. It made sense that the Dark Lord wouldn’t have been there himself, and PROXY itself was pleased that Galen was still alive — its primary function was to try and kill him, after all. It left for the hangar bay to ready the ship, and the glass door closed in front of Galen.

20230701122651 0

Resuming control of the Sith apprentice, I smashed my way out of the glass, though I wasn’t sure why PROXY had closed it. In freeing myself, it set off all kinds of alarms and the room began to fill with gas! A forcefield covered the door, so I had to move a power unit to disable it, as well as the poison. Exiting through the door, I was greeted by a gaggle of Stormtroopers standing next to some windows — so outside they went!

Down the hallway was a large area with more of the same kind of glass containment rooms that I had been held in. After killing the soldiers in the control room above, I headed down to do the same to the troopers below. However, they weren’t just Stormtroopers, there were also Evo Troopers, which were a bit more resistant to a quick stabbing, as well as some interrogation droids with their own stabby implements.

20230701122717 1

Pushing a door open, an announcement rang out that the ship had lost navigation functions, and it turned out that PROXY had set the Empirical on a course into the closest star. It was the most efficient way to get rid of all evidence, after all.

The halls were full of Imperial troops and a couple of windows, but the next big room I entered had escape pods too. After an arduous fight where I got stun-locked for a good chunk of my health bar thanks to cloaking Shadow Troopers, I set the pods off with some Force Lightning, where they exploded against the exit hatches. In the next hallway, PROXY said that it had also ejected every other escape pod without people inside — it paid to be thorough.

20230701123214 1

I found a Holocron called Power Crystal: Lorrdian, which promised to increase my ability to deflect and reflect blaster bolts, so I popped it on. I didn’t want to get stun-locked again… Not that it worked as advertised against the large Purge Trooper in the next room…

Past that, however, was my destination: Juno’s holding cell. It appeared to be the bridge of the ship, given how large it was and the forwards-facing windows… Unfortunately for me, there were two more Purge Troopers, as well as a bunch of assorted Troopers in my way. Luckily, my Force Lightning was powerful enough to take on the bigger enemies, before I was able to deactivate the laser gate that she was behind and kill the stragglers.

20230701123501 1

As the cutscene played, Galen picked Juno up from the floor where she had fallen, and she explained that Vader had said the apprentice was dead. Also, he had been branded a traitor, which just seemed like a weird thing to do to a dead person. He told her that he was leaving the Empire, and they escaped aboard the Rogue Shadow.

In the mission summary, I completed the “Destroy All Remaining Escape Pods” and “Force Points” bonus objectives, and killed 64 assorted enemies. I also collected 4/5 Holocrons.

20230701123633 2

Aboard the Rogue Shadow, Galen explained that he wanted to rally the Emperor’s enemies, and find someone that could teach him what Vader couldn’t. There was only one Jedi that hadn’t been consumed by light, though he had fallen out of a space station at terminal velocity in the upper atmosphere… They set a course for Nar Shaddaa to find the trail of Rahm Kota.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, an Imperial ship landed in front of a large amount of Stormtroopers and an officer called Ozzik Sturn. Troopers exited the ship, followed by Princess Leia and the astromech R2D2! Officially, Leia was there as a senatorial observer. However, she baulked at the suggestion, knowing that the real reason was to prevent her father from speaking out against the Empire. Sturn assured her that so long as her father played ball, she would be safe and not become the tragic victim of a Wookiee slave uprising…

We cut to Galen entering a “vapor room” and approaching the inebriated Rahm Kota, now sporting a blindfold suggesting that he was now blind. He didn’t seem to recognise Galen’s voice, and the “former” apprentice wasn’t exactly giving any hints at their former meeting. Galen explained that he needed Kota’s help to fight the Empire, and despite laughing, the Jedi was forced to agree when Stormtroopers barged their way in…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries
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