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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II DLC Diaries (Endor)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II DLC Diaries (Endor)

This is my ongoing exploration of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II: Endor.

The Battle of Endor is one of the franchise’s most iconic, introducing the galaxy to the teddy bear-like Ewoks. Well, what happens when the dark clone of Starkiller is sent to interfere with events?

Force Unleashed 2 part Endor 3

“Fight for the Empire and bring the Rebel Alliance to its knees.” It’s a simple remit, and with the Rebels attacking the shield generator facility on Endor, we don’t even have to track them down!

After landing the Rogue Shadow, I almost immediately came under fire from Rebel forces as I followed the forest path up a hill. Once I had killed most of them, I destroyed their troop carrier and used it to access the next area, though I also had to do a bit of landscaping with The Force. Once on a higher path, I came across an Ewok settlement, which they were very eager to try and defend! They failed, though some did learn how to fly without the aid of a hang glider.

Force Unleashed 2 part Endor 8

Further along, via the road soon paved with fur-skinned rugs, I encountered more Rebels, this time with automated turrets. Then, a mixture of Rebels and Ewoks! None of them posed a challenge, and soon I was face-to-face with an AT-ST being piloted by Chewbacca! Han Solo provided “support” from the roof of the bunker which housed the shield generator, but in the end he just gave me rockets to lob at the AT-ST. Soon, the Wookiee had been removed from the walker, but before I could kill him Solo fired his blaster and (thanks to a quick half-turn) shot his friend. I ran Solo through with my lightsaber then entered the bunker.

Force Unleashed 2 part Endor 12

Inside a control room, protected by an automated turret, Princess Leia escaped through a shielded side door. I had to kill every Rebel that came at me before a door opened to give me access to the shield generator protecting the turret! Even then, the side door was blocked, but a back door was not. It led me into a very large area that looked like the inside of a sci-fi dam, clearly powering the planetary shield.

After a lot of avoiding arcing electricity, killing Rebels, and slaughtering Imperials, I made it to where Leia waited. Since her brother Luke had been killed on Hoth, she said that the Skywalker destiny had fallen to her. She had become a Jedi! Igniting a lightsaber, she came at me.

Force Unleashed 2 part Endor 23

We fought, and as with all things in this duo of games, she fell to my button mashing. As she died to my lightsaber stabbing her, aboard the Death Star the Emperor was laughing. Somehow able to sense my victory from hundreds of kilometres away, he commented to Darth Vader that the whole plot with an evil clone of the former apprentice was laughably transparent. He electrocuted Vader, then commanded a couple of Star Destroyers to kill the clone.

On the moon, Dark Clone Galen meditated, though as the Star Destroyers in the distance grew closer he opened his eyes, ready for action…

Force Unleashed 2 part Endor 28


A really good DLC to end things on, I was excited to be able to launch beings into the treetops after some hours of not being able to do that. If I were ranking them, I’d place this above Tatooine more because the base game mechanics are better, than the DLC itself being more fun. In actual fact, both Endor and Tatooine would rank equally in my mind, though that’s not how ranking listicles work.

I’m left with a few questions, though. I’m not sure why the Imperials tried to kill me, when Vader had sent me in to kill the Rebels. Also, how did Luke Skywalker die on Hoth? Are we to assume that Clone Starkiller was sent to Hoth and killed Luke, rather than making him his apprentice as OG Starkiller did? The timeline would match up.

Force Unleashed 2 part Endor 20

This has been a really fun (occasionally frustrating) ride through these two games and a handful of DLC. Honestly, I actually hoped for more cutting through things, but I’m happy with the level of violence that I got. Yeeting people off of cliffs, into treetops, out into the ocean… Fun times. I also like how it seems like it would still fit into continuity, if Disney had allowed it. Since a third game isn’t likely, I’d still like to know what was planned, and why Clone Galen didn’t become evil like Evil Clone Galen did…

Don’t worry, though, this saga isn’t quite done yet! Join me next time for a look at the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed graphic novels!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries
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