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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DLC Diaries (Tatooine)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DLC Diaries (Tatooine)

This is my ongoing exploration of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I play the DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed — Tatooine.

Taking place after the main game, with the Dark Side ending, the Emperor’s new apprentice Starkiller is sent to retrieve the droids which are believed to have the plans for the Death Star with them…

In orbit of Tatooine, a Star Destroyer ejects Princess Leia’s Corellian Corvette and it explodes off-screen. Planet-side, however, Starkiller murders some Jawas and reports to the Emperor that he has yet to locate the droids. So, Palpatine suggests he seek out Jabba The Hutt, as the gangster’s spy network was sure to know something. Also, for some reason, Starkiller was disguised as a Tusken Raider?

20230822143011 0

I was contacted by Captain Berrus, an Imperial officer instructed by the Emperor to assist Starkiller. As he introduced himself, I spotted a Jawa Sandcrawler that had made like the Ever Given and became stuck crossing a bridge a short distance from me.

Before I could get to it, however, I had a bunch of Jawas to murder, and some of their Sentry Droids. Obviously, since I was near a cliff, I gave the Jawas free flying lessons, then charged up my Force Push before shoving the Sandcrawler down the cliff.

20230822143200 1

Following the path, I had to avoid some falling rocks and kill some Tusken Raiders, before I could get near Jabba’s palace. Curiously, I spotted Boba Fett’s spacecraft landing down near what looked like a hangar further down the cliff… But I had no time for that, I used Force Lightning to short circuit the main door security and entered the palace. However, Jabba was ready for me, thinking that I was just some random intruder, and activated the security system which caused a big shutter to close off the hallway, and send in a few waves of Gamorrean guards.

Once everyone was dead, Jabba decided to open up the shutter to let me see him, promising that he meant no harm. Upon entering his main chamber, where the Hutt was flanked by guards, hangers-on, Jawas, a protocol droid, and Boba Fett, Jabba said that he could make someone of my talents very wealthy. I clearly asked for information about the astromech and protocol droids that had recently landed, but as Jabba tried to fob me off, his protocol droid interrupted saying that they had indeed received information about those two.

20230822143648 1

So, Jabba dropped me into his Rancor pit. After the beast slapped me about a bit, being somewhat resistant to Force Lightning, I decided to grab some high ground quickly, and lifted the gate that it had come out of. Then, I went inside and as it charged at me, the gate dropped down onto it, killing it. I then used the door at the rear to exit and made my violent way through the hallways. It was clearly a prison, and I opened all of the doors to get some cannon fodder to weed out Jabba’s forces ahead of me. It was frustrating when I saw them simply run into an electric security feature, and it kept happening as I continued through the halls and down elevators.

20230822143648 2

Eventually, I was contacted by Captain Berrus who asked if I had found the droids that I was looking for, and I confirmed that they were in Mos Eisley, which the droid had let slip. I went through what appeared to be a torture chamber specifically for hassling droids, which was weird, and it let out into a chamber holding three Purge Troopers. So, that was annoying.

Using The Force to stop a trap, and let me through, I fell into a waste disposal area. There was a conveyor belt with more smooshing and mashing than I was comfortable with, but luckily my old friend was there! Somehow, PROXY had wound up in Jabba’s palace, having been disabled on Corellia before the fall of Darth Vader aboard the Death Star. The droid suggested that I hold it up to the security scanner, where he would use his holographic ability to trick it into letting me pass. This worked, though the droid shut down moments later.

20230822144643 1

While the trick managed to get me past the main crushers, the conveyor still had flamethrowers and smashers galore, so I had to show off my mad skills to reach near the end, and drop down a side hatch. Berrus contacted me to say that they were losing contact, as the transmission was being jammed, and I had to assume it was raspberry.

Exiting into the hangar, I was stopped by a blaster — from the bounty hunter Boba Fett! The price on my head was high, so he was cashing in. At least, that was the idea, clearly my Force Lightning had other ideas, and he soon fell. Multiple times, actually, because I threw his own rocket back at him and he exploded.

20230822145153 1

I made my way to Mos Eisley just in time to see the droids boarding the Millennium Falcon. Unfortunately, I was kept from stopping them when Obi-Wan Kenobi stood in my way! We fought and it ended with me stabbing him through the shoulder, then tossing him into the Falcon’s engines.

20230822145256 1

But that wasn’t the end, no! Instead, Obi-Wan reappeared as a Force Ghost and resumed the fight! However, he was susceptible to Force Lightning, and despite his powers being greater than I could possibly have imagined, he failed to stop me. The Falcon, however, was lifting off and I only just managed to jump onto it and place a tracking device. The droids wouldn’t be able to run forever…

20230822145421 2


This one was a lot of fun, with lots of new enemy types to throw around, and it even allowed me to recreate the Rancor scene from Return of the Jedi! I honestly didn’t think that would work as the game didn’t even suggest it, so it was awesome that it’s in there.

20230822145414 1

I also wasn’t expecting the Obi-Wan fight, I figured the Boba Fett battle was the end of the DLC. Then Obi-Wan came back as a Force Ghost? What a cool idea! It’s not a long DLC, probably shorter than the Jedi Temple was if you’re not messing with Force orbs, infinite droids, and crashes… But well worth a playthrough.

Join me next time for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DLC Diaries (Hoth)!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Diaries
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