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gamescom 2022 Future Games Show: Edge of Sanity

gamescom 2022 showed a trailer for Edge of Sanity by Vixa Games. The trailer didn’t show much; it was just a stylized video of a man walking through a cave. However, it did seem to be a survival game with cartoony graphics.

The trailer also didn’t provide a release date other than saying to wishlist Edge of Sanity on Steam.

gamescom 2022
Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson

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Lover of dogs, video games, and Fall.

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Jbumi - 12:40pm, 25th August 2022

I found this trailer chilling (no pun intended).  He thinks he's fighting a monster, but it's not (is it a friend, his son?).  Edge of Sanity indeed!  Interested in learning more about this game.