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gamescom 2022 Future Games Show: Wired Productions Showcase

This year's gamescom featured a showcase of Wired Productions current projects. They are: Hotel Architect, The Last Worker, and Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles.

The first, Hotel Architect, is basically that — a hotel-themed management sim with wacky character designs and a colourful palette. Visually it’s not too far away from the recent Two Point management sim games, though this appears to have some extra features. You can design the building’s exterior how you like, rather than simply what is in it. You can make modern art or towering skyscrapers, and it looks as though there is a lot of creative freedom offered to players.

The second game, The Last Worker, was actually difficult to follow and I'm honestly not sure what the game is. I think Wired Productions are going for a satire of something current or they are making a sci-fi game. Either way, it looks intriguing, as you seemingly control most of the world around you with some sort of a fancy gravity gun while an ominous malevolent voice provides a voice-over. It all seems rather bleak and nihilistic. This was the only title that had a confirmed release date, which is scheduled for 19th October.

The final game, Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, appears to be another simulator but this time focused on settlements. It appears to be set in a fantasy world — where dragons exist — with wildly varied landscapes. From dusty deserts, to great bodies of water, to large mountain ranges; you can seemingly build where you like to make your settlement thrive.

All of these games are coming to PC.

gamescom 2022
Niall Cawley

Niall Cawley

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