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Deus Ex Diaries Part Eighty-Two (Jensen’s Stories)

Deus Ex Diaries Part Eighty-Two (Jensen’s Stories)

This is my ongoing exploration of the Deus Ex Universe, in release order. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. This time I continue Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — A Criminal Past.

Having made contact with Agent Hector Guerrero, he had been arrested by the chief of security, who thought that I was a part of the same criminal organisation he secretly answered to…

20230429145249 1

With a riot in full swing, I was stuck in the security office of B-block. Guards would open fire if they saw me outside of the room, and I had to find Guerrero to at least find out what the Junkyard gang had to do with the prison. I ran around outside a little to draw the guards upstairs due to the noise and knocked one of them out. Unfortunately, I was spotted making my way out through the doors on the second level, but I managed to get into the security office outside without being spotted again.

As I knocked out one of the guards inside, the other jumped out through the window to tackle some other inmates they had just spotted, thankfully saving me a job! Making my way down a passageway, I hesitated before going through a laser grid — what was one more alarm after all? So, I shot the nearby security camera with an EMP round and continued down to the end.

Below my position was a guard in a suit of powered armour, so I shot it with an EMP round and dropped down before shooting it again and running up the stairs and into the yard. It was a quick jog over to the administration building, where I found other inmates, both alive and dead, in the West wing. I found myself in the processing area and decided to have a look around while the other inmates were just standing around doing nothing.

20230506174433 1

In a drawer, I found a pocket secretary with an email about Guerrero’s undercover alter ego “Oscar Mejia” having said he was too unwell to clear the showers and that he would make up the time by covering the midnight shift on the “communcal floor”. That may have been a typo, but it was clear that he had arranged to change his work detail to be changed one time.

Upstairs, an electrified door had killed at least two inmates, so I didn’t risk going near to it, opting to go through the nearby door and downstairs. At the bottom was a glass door which a security camera almost saw me through, so I hacked it open and ducked inside, turning the window black so that I could have a nose around. As the security terminal required a level three hacking ability, I upgraded myself to do it, as well as picking up Turret Domination. The way things had been going, I felt that I would need it sooner rather than later.

20230506174942 1

Hacking into the terminal, I disabled a camera, a turret, and opened a security door. Those things were in the next room, so I went around the corner and through, finding a dead inmate next to a gas mine. Though, I didn’t notice that second thing until it went off in my face…

I managed to get out of range and recover, only to re-enter the area and set off a second gas mine! While I escaped, I could hear another inmate choking to death, so my bad… I checked out the corpses, wanting to avoid further mines, and found a restricted access keycard on a guard before I resumed my looking around the place kinda aimlessly. I found a computer in the processing area with emails on it talking about Peter Wörthmüller working unsupervised in the infirmary, taking calls and such, which was odd that the Warden would have no issue with it.

20230506175546 1

Back upstairs and to the left of the electrified door, I found a locked door and hacked it open. Inside was a maintenance area with a pocket secretary containing the code for “the bots on the rooftop”: B0TT0PP5. There was also a ladder which I took down and, on a whim, I moved some crates and found a ventilation shaft. Moving through it, I put my gun away without pressing anything to do so, which suggested that I was going into a situation where I should not shoot someone.

At the end of the shaft, I found myself in the infirmary and morgue area. Upon entering the infirmary, I met Wörthmüller who was just signing off a video call with Stenger. He had been told to wait inside, and from the fact that he was communicating with Stenger, I was inclined to believe him. He explained that the biocell I had given Red Shoes had allowed the inmate to cloak and set off the chain of events that led to the riot.

20230506180026 1

Wörthmüller went on to offer me another pill, apparently different from the previous one, so I took it to “make a man feel like himself”. He was happy about that, and said that he was the only other person to take more than one pill — he had tested them on himself after all. Behind me was a teddy next to a computer, and Wörthmüller told me that it would allow me to buy some stuff. So I sold it a grenade launcher and bought some biocells.

I spotted a computer which held emails about Wörthmüller working in the infirmary at Stenger’s order, and about my amazing augmentations. I also grabbed an infirmary keycard to get into the morgue, finding a corpse which belonged to Ian Wilburg, the man who Agent Guerrero had allegedly killed. Its heart was missing, and I could find no sign of it in the rest of the room, or the storage room to the side.

20230515142634 1

Since I still needed to reach Guerrero, I went to the elevator. I figured it would be beneficial to clear the Automated Security floor first, so I hit that button. What I didn’t realise was that it was just the area overlooking the Solitary Confinement floor, also that inmates were already in a pitched firefight with the guards. I managed to slip into a ventilation shaft immediately to my right, which gave the guards time to gain the upper hand and get a little less murdery, and I also found a teddy stuffed with a Praxis Kit and hypostim, hidden in the elevator shaft.

Exiting the ventilation system above the processing centre, I used the gantry to cross to another vent which put me in the stairway next to the security office. Being very sneaky, I went inside and used a multi-tool to access the security terminal, then I upgraded myself with Robot Domination to gain access to the drones. I quickly deactivated the cameras, turrets, and drones, then checked through the door at how many guards had survived. As luck would have it, I had just about enough tranquiliser darts for them all!

20230516130152 1

Channelling the spirit of Sam Fisher, I managed to shoot all of the guards on the top area where I was, then one on the lower level. However, this drew the attention of the armour-wearing guard who came up some stairs to check things out. Luckily, I still had EMP rounds in my pistol, so I shot him before knocking him out! That left a single guard on the lower level who I put to sleep with a dart, giving me free rein of the entire area.

While looting the security office, I found an unlocked safe with a Praxis Kit, some ammo, and a pocket secretary inside. The email on it explained that Oscar Mejia had cleaning duty in the Automated Security office at the same time that the security bot had been hacked to target Wilburg. So, he was guilty of what Stenger had accused him…

Deus Ex Diaries
Andrew Duncan

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