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Deus Ex Diaries Part Seven

Deus Ex Diaries Part Seven

This is my ongoing exploration of the Deus Ex Universe, in preparation for when Mankind Divided arrives later this year. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-goer, I hope to make this something you can read along with and enjoy. We continue on with Deus Ex.

Escaping the Majestic 12 facility, and then the UNATCO headquarters with the help of the mysterious voice of Daedalus, it seemed the whole world was against me. My only option was to get on the stealth chopper with Jock the pilot, and let him take me to Hong Kong. With the time until my killswitch activated ticking down, Jock was unable to stop us from being remotely landed on the Majestic 12 facility in Hong Kong, where it was up to me to disable the weapons lock pinning us down.

I entered a nearby grating so as best to sneak in and do what I must do. The first thing I came across was a datapad that told me the experimental fuel being stored would vent into the ducts in an emergency - but probably also gas the facility. There was a code to make it do such a thing, should I come across the canisters.

The next thing I came across were the canisters - so of course I inputted the code and ran like Benny Hill as green gas clouds began to float about. After a couple of minutes I decided to head back inside and find a way to free us. First stop, the barracks where I found everyone dead from exposure to deadly gas.

2015 07 03 00005

Cue innocent whistling...

With that out of the way, I began to explore, making my way into one of the control rooms only to find out I had to be in the other one which was locked. Not a problem, I assumed as I went about my business, the key to enter will no doubt be easy to find!

So up to the roof where the final two MJ12 troops were, with their backs to me. A shotgun blast to the head of each later, I broke open a crate only to find three swords inside! Of course, I grabbed one and went back into the ducts desperately searching for a key. Then I remembered the lockers in the barracks. The ones that were locked. And I didn’t grab my 12 lockpicks from the UNATCO facility…

I did have a LAM, however! You know, the grenade-like explosives I’ve mentioned before? Well, if you can’t pick a lock, sometimes you can just blast the doors off. With only two LAM’s and eight lockers spread across two areas (barracks and showers), I had to be precise with my throwing arm. Back in the barracks, I lobbed one and ducked for cover. It blasted the doors off and I went searching through the wreckage. A trophy, cigarettes… And a nano key!

Upstairs, I unlocked the control room door and turned off the weapons lock, getting the OK from Jock. He flew off and I dodged around a couple of massive security robots and into the elevator, heading into Hong Kong

2015 07 03 00009

I don't think it could be any more clear that this is Hong Kong

Jock was eager to radio me and remind me that twelve hours of my killswitch had elapsed, meaning I had to find Tracer Tong in a hurry. Yeah, good plan… So I had a look around the market, found out about the two triads that were vying for control of the area, and made my way to the local club - completely ignoring the advice to head to where Paul used to go whenever he was in Hong Kong. The club was called Lucky Money and run by the Red Arrow triad, enemies of the Luminous Path triad.

The police presence in Hong Kong was hard to miss. Probably aided by the fact they have “acoustic gunfire sensors”, according to a notice I read in the MJ12 facility. Good thing I brought a sword.

2015 07 08 00005

Deus Ex Diaries
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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