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Deus Ex Diaries Introduction

Deus Ex Diaries Introduction

With the announcement of a new title in the franchise, I thought it was time I revisited Deus Ex. I first played it long ago when the graphics were great instead of blocky, the PS2 was king and its 8MB memory cards were considered big.

After Deus Ex, I’ll move on to the sequel Invisible War, then Human Revolution and finally The Fall, writing about each play session much like Ryan did during the Metal Gear Solid Diaries. Yes, I stole his idea - and not a judge would convict me!

2015 05 03 00002

Hopefully my notes help me keep track of all of these, too!

I hope to cover all of the main story points, allowing newcomers to the series the chance to skip it all and go straight to the one in September - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. As it’s been a while since I last played Human Revolution, I’m hoping my notes will allow me to keep track of any themes running throughout, bits of history that Adam Jensen took part in perhaps, or perhaps even see where the conspiracy began!

See, though I’m not perfectly versed in the Deus Ex Universe, I know enough to remember that a big part of it is conspiracy. I never played Invisible War or The Fall, so those will be two brand new experiences to me. I also never finished Deus Ex, though I think I got pretty far. Though regular readers of So I Tried… will know I’m not exactly great at these videogame things.

There are a ton of mods available for the series, as I’ll be playing on PC, but the only one I’m currently using is New Vision (available here on the Mod DB) which improves the environment textures. If I use any mods for the other games, I’ll make sure to mention the fact. Though if there’s a way to add in Thomas the Tank Engine like in Skyrim, definitely tell me in the comments!

thomas the tank dragon engine skyrim.jpg

Puts a new spin on why he needs coal...

Depending on how long this takes, I may even end up doing my first playthrough of Mankind Divided as a DED (Deus Ex Diary). After all, I already write news, reviews and articles for GameGrin - so it’s not like I have a bunch of spare time to knock out four big titles. But given that I’m super excited - as are a lot of people - by Eidos’ trailer for it, I would be remiss to not include it.

The first chapter of DED will pick up when the opening cutscene ends and Jensen begins the first level. I’m choosing not to include the tutorial, because of real reasons. Definitely not the fact that I blew out my legs with TNT and had to crawl through the last quarter of the level...

2015 04 05 00005

Crouching on purpose, honest!

Deus Ex Diaries
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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