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Bethesda VR Games: Fallout VR and Doom VRF

Kicking off Bethesda-land and its conference, these two titles seek to expand and give players fully immersive games. Looking at the two games and their respective launch trailers, information regarding how they’ll manage the movement can be gleaned.

Doom VFR looks like it’ll feature a teleporting mechanic for movement, with the player moving in a straight line. Fallout VR will feature movement through the use of controller (?), whilst it wasn’t clearly shown and is more speculative. Both of the games seem have fully incorporated the immersive properties of VR controls. How this will be affected by more cinematic moments like glory killing in Doom and activating V.A.T.S. for Fallout.

Coming out at some point this year, a release date has yet to be confirmed. But it does look like it’ll it be on HTC Vive.

E3 2017 - News
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