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Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Demo

As part of Microsoft's continued conference, Phil Spencer comes onto the stage to give everyone an extended gameplay look at RARE's latest title, Sea Of Thieves, which is exclusive to Xbox and Windows 10. 

Yarr, it's good to be a pirate. Sea Of Thieves allows you and your friends can join together on a voyage across the seas. In the gameplay demonstration, you're guided through a tale of adventure seeing the crew of the pirate ship diving under the sea in search of treasure below, and from there be guided through the mysterious clues of a treasure map. 

Throughout, you're shown the dangerous threats that you may encounter, from fearsome sharks below to the reanimated skeletons protecting treasure, you and your crew have to work together for big rewards.

Sea Of Thieves is arriving for Xbox One, with X receiving enhancements, and Windows 10. Early 2018 and will be part of Microsoft's Insider program at seaofthieves.com and will be a Play Anywhere title.

Check out the full gameplay demo above for the exciting gameplay.

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