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Anthem Official Announcement and Trailer

As predicted from yesterday’s announcement in EA conference, we see more of Anthem. The game carries themes and motifs from games like Destiny, Titanfall, and Zero Horizon Dawn. It looks like the killer game for the open world and story lovers that’ll push and prove the power behind the Xbox One X. Featuring fully customisable exo-suits called Javelins, that allow you to augment and refine to your play-style, you'll explore and discover the world that is set in Anthem.

Set to have a diverse and lush world in hostile environments with dynamic systems, to help create personalised moments. Coming out in 2018, next year. This might be the one title that’ll draw the most amount of attention from everywhere. If not mechanically or narratively, then visually this could set the bar high for what 4K is and can do.

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Owen Chan

Owen Chan

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