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Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

Dragon Ball's latest installment Dragon Ball FighterZ brings about a different perspective to a classic 2D fighter experience. Featuring an over-the-top nature and what looks like crazy fast-paced combat, the trailer featured Frieza and Namek. Whether or not this will be a one to one recreation of the original story hasn’t been released. But what does look like a feature is multiple people fighting on the same side in a brief section, if not the usual support attack from allies.

Featuring 3vs3, Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to be released 2018. Roar and scream as you power up. And if you hated the 3D combat in the latest games, unleash your inner Super Saiyan.

E3 2017 - News
Owen Chan

Owen Chan

Staff Writer

Is at least 50% anime.

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Acelister - 10:43am, 14th June 2017

Looks great. However, after a decade of 3D games, it's a bit of a step backwards.

Gargontara - 01:48pm, 14th June 2017 Author

Maybe, but then for me the classic 2D fighters like Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors were an absolute blast on the GBA. So it's a welcome return to form for me.