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EA Reveal A Way Out

Never content with making a game with only one character, Brothers creator Josef Fares took to the EA Play stage to announce A Way Out - a split-screen prison break game. You can play online but Fares says that it is best played in couch co-op. You start in prison, and over the course of the narrative you have to escape by any means necessary.

The game is split into missions that can be approached in a huge variety of different ways, with the two characters able to handle different tasks in different ways. The trailer promises a tale of crime, family and - considering the guy behind it - a heart-wrenching twist.

E3 2017 - News
Jinny Wilkin

Jinny Wilkin

Staff Writer

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GarySheppard - 09:19pm, 10th June 2017

Yay! Couch co-op. Liking the look of this.

TheSphericalCat - 09:48pm, 10th June 2017 Author

Yeah, this looks really cool. I want to see some more of it but Brothers is a great game so if Fares can do it again I'm all in!

Rasher - 10:02pm, 10th June 2017

Dear EA, 

Steam and Origin​ plox


TheSphericalCat - 10:08pm, 10th June 2017 Author

It's definitely coming to Origin, I think we'll have to watch this space for a Steam/Humble/GOG release unfortunately.

Wowky - 10:12pm, 10th June 2017

This looks so god damn good.

Calmine - 12:50pm, 11th June 2017

The only real nice surprise to come from EA's presentation. Looking forward to this game with interest.