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Is Kyle is Famous Any Good?

Is Kyle is Famous Any Good?

Every now and then, you’ll look at a game store page and see that it’s got pretty good reviews, and you’ll wonder if it’s actually any good. Well, I decided to play Kyle is Famous and see if it lived up to the Very Positive user reviews on Steam.

What is Kyle Is Famous?

Released in November 2019, Kyle is Famous has been described as an un-visual novel by its creator, John Szymanski. Narrated by Gianni Matragano, you play as Kyle, who is described as a popular and most excellent dumpy little white man who is also a highly famous TV presenter. Viewers tune in daily to watch his show, “Staying Up Late with Kyle,” and many have been inspired to pursue careers in STEM fields by watching him.

In this game, Kyle has 30 hours to prepare for an interview with the lovely philanthropist, Rachel May. Of course, all decisions are made at the player’s discretion and all of them end in a different comedic way. This is pretty impressive considering the 117 endings available.

Kyle opens the fridge and chooses from his many options

What are the people saying?

Generally, Kyle Is Famous has received a number of recommended reviews on Steam. Reviewers have praised the comedy and the number of story routes available for the players. Many players were originally introduced through the free version available, and then were gripped enough to buy the complete edition to find out what happened next.

Of course, there is also a small bug when someone buys the complete edition, and it claims that you only own the free edition. But aside from this, reviews have overall been very positive.

Kyle chooses one of four cases

Is it actually any good?

I spent seven hours playing this game, and I can safely say it was absolutely worth it. The humour hit impeccably well, and while before I would have thought this was a “Groundhog Day” situation where the day repeats as normal, that isn’t the case; In fact, each playthrough, certain elements are remembered. For example, I broke my phone earlier on and wasn’t able to use a phone again until I completed the Detective run.

The fact that each character left such a lasting impression is a testament to the writing and the narration of this game. I can’t deny, Gianni Matragano changing his voice for each character really made it feel like the story was being read aloud to me as I played. Even the limited music changes were a nice touch, specifically the Jam Man.

So if you have a few hours to spare, and want to try this one out, then head onto Steam where there’s a free edition available. Or, if you want the complete edition (which is also on Steam), you could even download it onto your Nintendo Switch.

Is It Any Good?
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