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Top 5 Things I Want To See From A Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel

Top 5 Things I Want To See From A Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel

So I very much enjoyed watching The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a big theatre with a group of friends from my college days, and without getting into spoiler territory too much — something happens at the end of the film that points toward a hypothetical sequel releasing sometime soon. Unfortunately, though, to cover this particular topic with as much detail and clarity as possible — we at least have to delve into spoiler details, so I’d suggest watching the movie before reading this article — if you can, at least. On that note, here are the top five things I want to see from a Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel.

1. The Return Of A Fan-Favourite Character

Top 5 Things I Want To See From A Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel4

If you haven’t heard already, there are two post-credit scenes at the end of the film, and it’s the final scene that teases the return of Mario’s trusty steed. To be honest, I highly doubt very many people haven’t read or at least heard about Chris Pratt confirming the existence of the extra content and the potential tease of another movie. But if you haven’t heard that detail yet, then I’m sorry and feel free to let me know in the comments — but not yet! Yes, the film's final part teases the return of the lovable green dinosaur Yoshi, which makes me hopeful about the guy potentially playing a more significant role or maybe even teaming up with Mario somehow. It would also be cool to have a Yoshi’s Island focus in the sequel, especially because of the various Super Mario World references found throughout the first one — specifically the Super Mario World map and the presence of the yellow capes in the brother’s plumbing commercial. This would also open the door for the possibility of multiple Yoshis or maybe even a story where the brothers have to save Yoshis from excision at the hands of a new villain. Or perhaps we get a baby Mario and baby Luigi backstory? So many possibilities!

2. A New Villain

Now, this one might be a tad unlikely since the end of The Super Mario Bros. movie teases the return of Bowser despite his reduced size and the fact he is locked in a cage. However, I can still dream, and I want to see the return of an old-school antagonist. Sir Grodus is an excellent villain, and I think he would be a great choice for the sequel because he’s from the Paper Mario series, which is a franchise that’s been praised for its plot lines and this choice would help to appease those who felt the first movie had a weak plot. Mario games have never been known for their stories, of course, but Nintendo and Illumination still need to implement these changes if they want to keep doing these movies for a long while. So relying on fan service again, finally reaching back into the archives, and bringing Sir Grodus back would ensure the next film has a more in-depth plot. Maybe this will also tip the scales enough to finally get Nintendo to remaster Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door… Plus, changing up the bad guy would be a nice change at the end of the day and help keep everything fresh.

3. No Licensed Music

I don’t know about anyone else, but I found the non-Mario music oddly distracting and often out of place. There was even an AC/DC song at one point, which I didn’t mind too much — and I can understand the need to appeal to kids and adults alike, but when the actual Mario songs are as good as they are — I’d prefer the entire soundtrack to be like that. I didn’t take too much offence to the pop songs or anything. I just hope the sequel relies on Koji Kondo’s beautiful soundtracks, at least a little bit more.

4. Better Voice Acting

I am one of those people who never minded Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, but what I do have some choice words about is Seth Rogen’s take on Donkey Kong. Hearing the Seth Rogen laugh come out of an ape wearing a red tie was very jarring for me, and whenever I imagine Donkey Kong’s voice, that’s not what comes to mind. It seems like we’re stuck with Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong for the foreseeable future, so I can only hope that we hear less Rogen and more DK next time. Perhaps they can use a filter on his voice? I don’t know. Just make it better, please.

5. More Characters!

A more expansive sequel seems inevitable at this point, so why not shamelessly include some more fan service and classic characters? I think it would be really cool to see Wario and Waluigi make a return, and it would be even cooler to see the two friends teaming up with the enemy to gain some sort of reward from the deal while simultaneously trying to take down the plumber and his gang of friends. The team behind the film could also include characters like Princess Daisy for a Princess Peach sister plot line and Professor E Gadd for a Luigi’s Mansion story. And just like the Yoshi idea, there are a lot of possibilities with this one.

So sound off in the comments letting me know what you’d like to see in this hypothetical sequel or just what you thought of the movie overall. The best thing about art is that it’s all subjective!

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