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EA Announces Origin Premiere

EA has announced a new cloud gaming service coming, Origin Access Premiere. This new service is still in its infancy, EA plans to have it officially release sometime this summer. This new service will allow players to take their games just about anywhere. On release, this service will include a packed library of 100 games including: Fifa 19, Anthem, and Battlefield V. There will also be a free trial of Origin Access when released, so feel free to give it a try. Play EA games anywhere.

E3 2018 - News


Mobile Writer

The writing is on the wall, because the power went out.

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Acelister - 11:36am, 10th June 2018

That trailer literally tells me NOTHING. Also, I think it's hilarious that Arkham Origins is in there.  They clearly ran out of Origin exclusives while making this 51 second video.