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Bethesda Reveal New ESO Content, Including Werewolves

After the recent release of the Sumerset content, we weren't expecting to see new content just yet from the big B's MMO. However, that's just what we saw at E3, with Bethesda's RPG getting more DLC content soon, including an upcoming expansion pack entitled Wolf Hunter, which will feature dungeons and zones with a much more lupine theme than we've already seen.

The game now has over 11 million players according to the company's presentation, and that's including an additional 1 million coming over the last year alone. The Elder Scrolls Online has seen a tonne of changes since it 2010 launch, and this latest content addon  is just one more addition to a huge roster of content.

After the wolves have died down, another expansion pack will be coming, showing a new zone. The reptillian Argonian race will be located in a new area called Black Marsh, and is set to arrive at an indetermninate point in the future.

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Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

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