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Spider-man Drops Some of His Best Villains in a New Gameplay Demo

We've been looking forward to Marvel's Spider-Man since we first saw anything of it a few months ago, and Sony's showcase of it and E3 only turned that interest into a desire. Spider-Man very clearly possesses a high amount of polish and fluidity. Everything from the combat to the web swinging works like a well oiled machine, and can easily be considered one of Sony's biggest games this year.

In the demo we saw an array of some of Spider-Man's best villains make an appearance. Now Spider-Man has a great rogues gallery, so picking from that must've been hard. I won't spoil it because the villains are some of the best parts of this character, so check out the showcase and see for yourself! 

And if you're in the area there's a separate gameplay demo on the show floor! So basically, play it and tell me how awesome it was, okay?


E3 2018 - News
Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay

Staff Writer

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Acelister - 08:10am, 12th June 2018

No offence to Insomniac, but literally every time Electro is in a videogame, you have to swing over water to get to him. There's GOT to be a trope named after it, somewhere.

ShoutofEarth - 11:23am, 12th June 2018 Author

Now we just have to see if a Rhino boss fight will have you baiting him into charging into a wall to stun him

Rasher - 01:43pm, 12th June 2018

love the look and feel of this already