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Huge Updates for Pokémon Let's Go at Nintendo's E3

Huge Updates for Pokémon Let's Go at Nintendo's E3

If we weren't already certain, we now know that Pokémon, Let's Go Pikachu! and Pokémon, Let's Go Eevee is definitely an experience catered towards casual fans of the series, as well as kids from the looks of things. But hey, we already know that's not gonna stop a lot of diehard fans, (present company included), from picking one of the games up.

As far as new updates go we got a fair amount of detail from the Nintendo Treehouse show. Primarily, what we needed confirmation on for a while is that yes, trainer battles do exist. This includes Gym Battles as well. Wild Pokémon battles however take the form that they did in Pokémon GO, so it's not an exact recreation of the main series games we were hoping for.

Speaking of recreation, this is NOT a full scale remake on the Gen 1 games we know and love. We know for a fact that some characters will be different in terms of personality, and some will be replaced entirely, (Blue, for example, is no longer the rival character and was replaced by a different, far friendlier character called Trace).  Co-op is also present in these games, allowing a friend to take the second Joycon and play alongside you in the open world and even in battle, leading to some potentially unfair 2v1situations. So far, we don't know too much else about what has changed.

A main feature of these games is their compatibility with the Mobile game Pokémon GO. Now we already knew there was some compatibility, but to what end we didn't really know. I twas revealed today that the Safari Zone of Fuschia City has been replaced by the "Go Park", a place that appears similar in function to the Pal Park seen in the Gen 4 games. Essentially you transfer your Pokémon over from Pokémon GO and then enter this park in Let's Go. The transferred Pokémon will be present inside the park, and you can attempt to capture them one-by-one in the GO style of battling. The higher a Pokémon's CP is in GO, the higher its level in Let's Go.

Finally we have the Poké Ball Plus, a real life peripheral you can purchase alongside the game at launch in the form of a small Poké Ball device that acts as a single Joycon. Apparently the entire game can be played on the Poké Ball Plus alone. It also serves as another means of getting people to go outside, as you can transfer Pokémon from Let's Go to the Poké Ball Plus. The further you walk in the real world, the more in game rewards you'll receive when you transfer them back. Not only that, but upon buying the Poké Ball Plus you'll receive a free Mew for your in game team, a nice little bonus indeed!

Okay so it wasn't exactly a small update, but this is most of what we've got for now. Pokémon, Let's Go Pikachu! and Pokémon, Let's Go Eevee release for the Nintendo Switch on November 16th later this year. 

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