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FIFA 19 Revealed At E3, Free Updates and Trial Coming for FIFA 2018

E3 kicked off today, and EA took the stage with big news about the newest installment in the FIFA franchise: FIFA 19

The event kicked off with the above trailer for FIFA 19, after which,  Aaron McHardy and Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir took the stage...standing next to the UEFA Champions trophy to announce that the UEFA Champions League would be joining the FIFA 19 experience. This was a long-awaited and much-requested addition to the franchise and the duo was excited to hints at some of the details, more of which will become available as the summer progresses. Some of the announced features include an authentic tournament mode, career mode, and a "journey mode." It will also tie into FIFA 19's "Ultimate Team."

McHardy and Ingvarsdóttir also commented that the team has been working closely with FIFA pros to improve gameplay and control for all levels of gameplay, from beginner to expert, in the new installment, saying "the quality bar for gameplay was raised again this year."

An early build of the game was available to play at E3. The final release date was announced to be 28th September, 2018.

Along with new announcements for 19, the duo had a bit to say about the current installment of the game, FIFA 2018, with the real World Cup series kicking off - this year featuring Ingvarsdóttir's own Icelandic team, for which she was quite justifiably proud. A free update will be included for 2018 featuring a "World Cup Experience" where players will be able to play as multiple teams to experience their own World Cup.

In addition, a trail version of FIFA 18 will be available for free on Origin, XBox One, and PlayStation 4 through EA access for a limited time - likely until the end of the World Cup.

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Brienne Rose

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