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Marvel Heroes Ultron Short Thoughts

Marvel Heroes Ultron Short Thoughts

When I got asked if I would like to give the new Ultron character a go on Marvel Heroes 2016 I thought ‘Oh yes please!” as I saw many people playing him and thought it would be interesting to see what powers he had and how well he tore enemies apart. As I was reading though, I thought to myself which powers I should try as I leveled him up - it got harder to choose as there were just so many powers to try. See below for what the powers look like.

20160708191939 1

My favourite powers of all are; Operation: Blast - a ranged power which blasts the enemies with bursts of energy from his fingertips (which is kind of cool, but does seem sucky until you managed to put more points onto it), and Operation: Crush - another ranged power which you utilises advanced tractor beams to lift a piece of terrain and throw it at an enemy. I didn't use this power very much, but it did do quite a bit of damage once I had put a few points on it.

Close Combat Blade Drone lets you summon up to six drones to help fight your battles for you, while you sit back and have a quick drink letting them do all the work for you. Energy Overload is another ranged weapon which you let loose a massive expenditure of energy, destroying anything foolish enough to stand before you, this was interesting to use but again barely used this unless it was necessary. Operation: Annihilate is a ranged area weapon which fires energy blasts in all directions, slashing your enemies with energy. Indestructible Body makes you unbreakable and unstoppable for a short time.

20160708122042 1

Now, this next one called We Are Ultron was a fantastic power which sends these little micro-drones swarming all over enemies like little bees killing the enemies in a matter of seconds. To move around I found the Operation: Flight handy as it helped me moved a lot faster than having to hover everywhere very slowly.

20160708190907 2

And last is the Ultimate Power, which is hard to explain how it looked, but all I can say is WOW it was amazing and here is what the description says about it: Age of Ultron - (Area) Use your tractor beams at full power to crush your enemies with all that you can bring forth, then call in your army of drones to obliterate anything that remains.

The Age of Ultron has begun.

The question is did I enjoy playing as Ultron? Hell yes, he is a lot better than any other characters I have played and it felt like Ultron was easy to level up better than others even without any boosters or events to double up your XP.

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