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Short Thought: Gundam Versus

Recently I was invited to a Bandai Namco press event where I got to try out a bunch of games they’re releasing in the coming months. One of them is: Gundam Versus. Having dipped in and out of the franchise periodically, this is a game that both I’m excited for, but not actually interested in. Having played a Gundam game in the Japanese arcades which played and controlled in a similar fashion, I couldn’t help but draw similarities between the two and my gripes with it. The first being the floatiness of the combat and it’s somewhat hard to control intricacies to pilot your Gundam.

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Gundam Squad UNIT!

There are somewhat obscure controls hidden that I had to spend a moment figuring out how to properly use. This included guarding, knowing when to be more manual with the controls, and not letting the system naturally lock onto targets. Regardless, I still felt like I was fighting against the controls. It’s very possible that the game has a learning curve, or I just suck at Gundam games. In terms of what I could get my hands on during the event, it looked liked the finished game. The audio design was expectedly good, with the original soundtrack and a few select songs were available. Its corny tunes and singing brought a smile to my face. But that’s really as far I could enjoy it, if you’re a Gundam fan this is something for you easily.

Short Thought
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