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Short Thoughts: Oh My Godheads

Short Thoughts: Oh My Godheads

Recently, I was invited to the London Square Enix offices as part of a press event to try out some games. One of them is Oh My Godheads, a multiplayer game that features couch competitive and co-op gameplay. The game modes tried at the event were capture the flag and last man standing. Part of the main conceit of the game is that there powerful ancient heads of gods that will become enraged if held for too long.

Oh My Godheads Early Access Release 004

Not quite the Indiana moment you wanted.

Couch competitive games that are great in situations are very hard, whether they’re purely intended for multiplayer gaming. Many struggle to make the single-player experience a compelling experience, with its own standing merits. Oh My Godheads didn’t scream this, and whilst not always my cup of tea. This game still has a solid competitive multiplayer experience that does well to sit above its competition, playing these style of games are very group dependent.

Whilst in the moment, it was a blast and good game to play with. Throw in the odd drink and antics, this is something for a games night. But what it falls flat in this regard is the slight sluggish nature of it, whilst not clunky or unresponsive, is not to be desired for less than four players. Being competitive in nature helps, but unless you’re a cynical competitive player like me who revels in absolute despair. This is best reserved for such occasions for potential rip roaring fun. This game also needs more head and God puns.

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